5 ways to broaden your horizons through travelling

There are many reasons someone may decide to go travelling. For some, it’s all about the thrill of experiencing a new culture. For others, it’s merely a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Then there are those who wish to go travelling in order to broaden their horizons. If you want to see the world and learn something from your experience, then you’re in the right place. Here are five ways to broaden your horizons through travelling.

  1. Learn a new language


Many people who plan a short trip or holiday don’t even consider learning a new language for the few days or weeks they will be in another country. However, you could be missing out on making new friends by not learning a few key phrases — especially if you are going to be travelling for a more extended period of time.


If you want to visit a range of places and don’t want to learn several languages, find out if there is a language that many of these countries have in common, for example, Spanish in South America. If you truly want to broaden your horizons while travelling, make sure you brush up on your language skills. A few night classes in another language is the perfect way to prepare for your journey, too.


  1. Become more self-aware


One way to broaden your horizons while travelling is to become more self-aware on your journey. There are going to be plenty of new experiences on your trip, some harder than others. However, you will soon learn that you can put up with much more than you initially thought, according to 1Cover. Use these challenges and obstacles to become more self-aware. Keep a journal so you can reflect on all of the things you learnt during your travelling experience, to help you grow as a person even when you get back home.


  1. Live like the locals


If you truly want to broaden your horizons, then you need to immerse yourself fully in the culture of another country. There are plenty of ways you can do this, including the food (more on that later), but another is to simply live like the locals.


Instead of staying in a luxury hotel and eating out at fine dining establishments, consider how the citizens live. There are plenty of cool sites that will allow you to rent a room or even a couch from someone local. Ask the town or city’s residents where they like to visit, where they go to eat, and even where they enjoy partying the night away. You can only experience a culture fully when you live like a local.



  1. Experience the food


Ah, the food! As you have probably guessed if you read my blog regularly, one of the best parts of travelling is getting to experience the culinary delights from around the world. If you go to another country and won’t eat anything other than burgers and chips, you could be missing out on some truly exciting dishes from across the globe.


Be prepared to try new things, however weird and wonderful they may seem. Visit street food stalls, find hidden restaurants, and try getting yourself an invite to dinner by buddying up with the locals.


  1. Find inner peace


Finally, it’s important you use this time travelling to find inner peace. Seeing the world is something not everyone gets to experience, and it is a truly humbling experience. No matter how stressed you may have been when you left your home, your wandering spirit should find inner peace on your journey. You can use the time in between sightseeing to meditate, practice some yoga, or just spend a few minutes in your own thoughts. When you finally have to go home, your mind should feel so much more peaceful.


These are just some of my ideas to broaden your horizons through travelling, although there are many more out there. Do you have any you think should be added to the list? Let me know below.


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