A Chocolate Cafe that is Also a Labor of Love: The Chocolate Heaven!

To go or Not to Go…..

I have had managed to take a few fleeting glimpses at the Chocolate heaven, the newly opened chocolate cafe after the regular weekend trips at the departmental store at the Kemp fort mall at HAL Airport Road. Truth be told, I was enticed and was on the verge of entering for the freshly baked waffles! However, for past couple of months, I have been oscillating from one part of the country to the other and I could never really make the time out to visit this grand celebration of Chocolate love!


How Cute are these Tajmahals! Made of 100% Chocolate.


…. then life happened for good!

Destiny had other plans. The brief couple of day’s stop I had in Bangalore before flying out for Africa, Noor gracefully invited me for a chocolate tasting session at The Chocolate Heaven! I was elated. apparently, the cafe is spreading the love in different parts of Bangalore, one of them being the Inorbit Mall, the newest addition! I stuck to the Kemp Fort outlet. The memory infused the goodness of buttery baked aroma was still fresh in my mind!


The appeal of a Garlic bread which is also topped with Chicken Tikka Masala… Italian cuisine marries Indian flagbearer seamlessly!


The Chocolate Cafe and it becoming my favorite Brunch place!

On a weekday, at around 12 PM, S and I paid a visit to the cafe. The place is neat and dainty with comfortable bright red hued sofas and elaborate sitting arrangements. The wall graffiti tells inspiring tales of eating chocolate. Then, there is the menu!

The menu came as a pleasant surprise. If you were thinking the cafe to be a new addition to Bangalore’s bakehouses and chocolate parlors, think again! The cafe serves a wide variety of gourmet selection! One can plan a visit here for a breakfast date or a hearty brunch. The diners also have choices for a full meal that comes enriched with the protein count of chicken and more!


“Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty.
Chocolate isn’t like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant.
And it always feels good.”
By Lora Brody


Light and Crisp topped with an abundance of Chocolate syrup: these waffles are my dream come true!


The Chocolate Concoctions

Of course, we went for chocolate. The love for chocolate, soaked in the goodness of a dark and warm drink, slightly bitter in taste but triggering the compelling nerve center of your taste buds at the same time! Alongside, they served us a few epicurean delights like garlic bread topped with chicken tikka.



“Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.”


The labor of love is prominent in the selection of dark, white and milk chocolate. One white and one brown chocolate Tajmahal were built and placed on the showcase! I wonder, how cute these will be as gifts? Talking of gifts, there are chocolate boxes on offer, along with traditional bars that scream how much you care for the recipient!



The Indian peninsula has many hill stations that carry forward the legacy of British India. The art of making chocolate has been an influence from the missionaries and remains largely distinctive to this part of the country. Chocolates of Ooty or Vagamon shall remain my favorite souvenir for family back home! Folks in Bangalore, you can definitely trust the Chocolate Heaven on the authentic chocolate experience part!

The Ferrero Rocher sundae: I love and strongly recommend this swirling happiness in the sea of nutty chocolate goodness! It is not just a dessert, it is an emotion indeed!




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