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Five Realistic Tips for the First time solo TRAVELERS to San Francisco

There’s no experience quite like traveling — it gives you the opportunity to grow as a person, see amazing places and immerse yourself in exciting cultures. 

However, the prospect of going it alone for the first time can be daunting when you’re used to making tracks with your family.

But don’t be disheartened — these five tips for solo San Francisco (SFO) travelers will set your mind at ease.

1.   Use the airport facilities

Remember – your vacation begins before you’ve even stepped foot on the plane, so

to get yourself in the right mindset for solo travel, make best use of the airport facilities.

If you want some time to gather your thoughts and feel calm and confident about your solo trip, the Berman Reflection Room is a marvelous meditation spot. 

Alternatively, treat yourself to a massage at Xpres Spa, enjoy the tension disappearing from your body and your mind drifting away. 

To find out more about the facilities at SFO, take a look at the official website.  

2.   Plan your route to the airport

If you’re vacationing alone, start in the same stress-free manner as you mean to go on and avoid the crowds of people on the train by driving to the airport. 

Having full control over your journey instils a strong sense of independence, which is important when traveling solo. 

So create an epic holiday playlist, jump in your car and you’ll soon realise just how awesome your own company is. And you can book your SFO Airport parking at and jet off with peace of mind that your car is safe and secure.

3.   Learn the lingo 

You never know what problems you might run into whilst abroad, so taking the time to learn the basics of the language of the country can help you avoid misunderstandings.

This time spent learning will also keep your mind diverted from troublesome thoughts about holidaying alone and you’ll feel a strong sense of accomplishment as your language skills improve until you’re oozing confidence as you enter your new surroundings. 

There are plenty of language apps out there and options like Duolingo have lots of free content. Check out this article from Lifewire to find out more about the best language apps. 

4.   Go and explore

Immerse yourself in your new community by walking around surroundings and people watching. 

Then head to a nice restaurant and indulge yourself with super-sized portions of the local cuisine, or snap some shots of your beautiful new neighbourhood and share them on social media — your friends will soon wish they’d tagged along. 

5.   Find fellow travelers

Just because you set off alone, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. 

For instance, you might make new friends in a hostel common room or hook up with like-minded travelers on apps like Backpackr or Travel Buddy.

Socializing with people in the same boat is comforting and it’s a great opportunity to pick up tips. 

You alone can create life-changing experiences and if you follow these five tips there’ll be no stopping you. 

What tips do you have to for traveling alone? Share in the comments

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