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International phone conversations helping stranded people through the lockdown

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the countries around the world shut down their borders for international travel. While some of them are open to travelling internally, from state to state, others have added necessary formalities to assist in making travel safer. With a lot of people travelling around the world, and the world not being as small as it was a couple of decades back, people have been stranded in different parts of the world when the orders to seal the borders came in. While many countries did their best to get their citizens home through chartered planes organized by the Government, people living in many countries that they were not part of or working and studying abroad found themselves, trapped. 

While most of the countries reduced and relaxing rules they were following for people who failed to meet the visa requirements or ended up staying back with expired visas, this was a difficult time for the planet, and everyone was making exceptions. Many countries automatically extended the validity of the issued visas of the people stranded in their countries till a later date when the restrictions were expected to come down. 

Keeping in touch amidst a pandemic 

The biggest challenge for people trapped during a pandemic was the fear since no one seemed to know what was happening, with countries figuring out how to deal with the virus and the rapid changes on the go. Everyone just wanted to be close to the people they loved, which was quite difficult when they were at two different ends of the world. 

The biggest blessing at a time like this was the magic of technology in this day and age that allowed everyone to keep in touch with people, no matter where they were. Additionally, cheap international calls kept people in touch with the ones who mattered to them the most. 

Connecting using the internet 

While the internet seems like one of the best and most relevant ways of connecting in this day and age, not everyone has a decent internet connection to support data-heavy calling apps. A majority of people in India are only on mobile data, with barely 20% of internet users using fibre and wired connections. This is one of the main reasons for cheap calls to India being a much better option, allowing people to connect with their near and dear ones, some of whom did not even have smartphones. 

Just call abroad is an amazing platform that connects people from two different countries, allowing them to regular call each other. It does this at their almost local prices which is allows people to have a proper conversation without having to worry about the internet and calls dropping since the internet is not the best in every corner of the world. The pricing varies based on the countries trying to get in touch with each other, and whether they are in the database. The platform is adding newer and newer locations connecting the world better and better with every passing day.