Is it important to link ration card with Aadhar card?

The authorities of India has intimated its people towards linking Aadhaar card with different essential documents where Ration card is one of them. To make sure that the benefits of the government schemes reach every individual; the Centre has made it compulsory to link the documents and the cards. The compulsion is made to push forward the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme. 

To make sure that everyone gets benefitted from this scheme, it is important for people to link their Aadhaar card with their ration card. 

What is the advantage of Ration Card- Aadhaar Card link?

When an individual links UP ration card with the Aadhaar card, he/she can take up their share of rations from any of the ration shops in the entire nation. One of the essential benefits the customers can receive from the “One Nation One Ration Card” is that the arbitrary cannot be done by the ration shop keepers. The ration card customer can purchase the rations from anywhere in the country. The Centre has also intimated people to link PAN Card, Bank account details, Mobile Number, and Voter ID Card with the Aadhaar Card. 

Ram Vilas Paswan, the Union Minister opines that with this link scheme, all of the contractors will aim towards customer satisfaction where there will also be a reduction in the shop keeper’s arbitrariness. The scheme will be implemented in different cities in 14 to 15 states in the nation. 

The linking makes sure that there is no duplication of ration cards and will also curb down any illegal activities. People can cancel the issue of multiple ration cards which is under a single name. In order to make sure that the benefits are processed to the correct people, the PDS can avail the benefits of a biometric enabled distribution system. 

With the Aadhaar card link, there will be a creation of an audit trail in the public distribution shop where this will result in a decrease of deceitful middlemen.  

Is there any process to link Aadhaar Card to Ration Card through offline mode?

If you want to link your Aadhar Card to Ration Card with offline means then you can do it easily with the below steps 

Step 1: Go to your nearby ration office or the PDS centre 

Steps 2: Take all the necessary documents like photocopies of Aadhaar card of all of the members in your family and also photocopies of ration card. Photocopy of the bank passport is also required if there is no link of your Aadhaar card with the bank account. Take the passport-sized photograph of the head of the family with you and then submit all of these at the ration office or the Public Distribution Shop

Step 3: Once all the documents have reached to the allocated departments, you will receive a notification through email or SMS. 

Step 4: The relevant authorities will process the documents and then, you will receive a notification once the UP ration card is linked to the Aadhaar card. 

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