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Getting a new gas connection – HP gas


Hindustan Petroleum gas (HP gas) is provided nationwide by the Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited (HPLC). it is a natural gas and oil company based in India. It avails products like petrol, diesel, HP gas, lubricants, emulsions etc. 

There are many possible ways of registering for getting a new gas connection of HP gas. There are both online and offline methods available. 

Since getting a new gas connection can be an overwhelming task, with new technology, HPLC has tried to make the process a lot easier and convenient for its customers. 

Online application for HP gas connection 

There are some steps involved in applying online to get a new gas connection for HP gas in India. These are as follows – 

  • For a first time user, it is important that he/she registers their phone number first. This can also be one online by visiting the online HP gas portal. 
  • On entering the official portal, the applicant shall enter their details carefully such as the HP gas distributor code, name and other details, the name of the customer, mobile number and address of the customer. 
  • Once registered, enter the Hp online portal by entering the username ID and password. Select the refill option in the box which appears after logging in. 
  • Enter all the details asked for, in the box and then click on submit.

Applying by quick pay option 

Another easy method to get a new gas connection using HP gas portal is by quick payment method. The guidelines to be followed are mentioned below –

  • By visiting the HP gas Quick pay, HP gas refill can be booked.
  • Further, chose either the ‘normal search’ option or the ‘quick search’ option.
  • If the applicant chooses ‘normal search’ then he/she has to enter the following details-state, district, name of the HP Gas distributor, and the consumer number.
  • In ‘quick search’ the applicant only needs to enter the name of the H gas distributor and the consumer name.
  • Next, a captcha code will be asked to enter in the space provided below it, enter it and click on proceed button.  
  • Now, the login is complete and the applicant can book their refill. 

Applying by IVRS method 

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System. There is no risk of error in IVRS since the conformation texts and reference numbers are availed immediately to the applicant as soon as they register. This is why it is considered as one of the easiest and fastest methods of getting a new gas connection for HP gas. This has also replaced the normal, much slower manual method of gas connection application.

To apply for an HP gas connection, follow these steps –

  • Register the phone number to the nearest HP gas distributor, which can be done online or offline.
  • Once registered, the confirmation SMS is received by the applicant. 
  • Call the IVRS number which is different for each state such as for Delhi it is 9868856789 while for Gujarat it is 9409056789. Once this is done a confirmation message is received at the registered phone number. 

Offline method – applying by HP distributor

If someone wishes to go and apply by visiting the nearest HP Gas distributor, it can be done by ensuring the correct location of the distributor. Steps followed are- 

  • With the help of HP gas portal or their helpline number, one can search the location of their nearest HP gas distributor.
  • By giving the correct details like customer name, address, number and other important details at the distributor office, the applicant can book a new gas connection or a refill.

It is however advised to follow the online protocol if possible to avoid delay and manual errors.