South East Asia

Samosir Island – the Island of Beauty, and Endless Possibilities

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without a visit to Samosir Island. Located in the heart of the Lake Toba, this island is globally the fifth largest lake island, almost equal to the size of Singapore. Samosir is an island filled with opportunities and endless possibilities. There are several scenic places to visit and things to explore.

Here are Few Reasons to Visit Samosir Island

1. Picturesque View

As you travel towards Samosir through Karo district, you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tabo and the picturesqueness of Samosir Island. Almost every part of this island has naturally preserved its glorious beauty and traditions over centuries, and that unadulterated beauty is what that makes this place extremely special.

2. Great Food

The locals here are known for their tasty food. There are so many new cuisines and dishes that you can try during your trip to Samosir Island. If you are a fish lover, do try the deep-fried Pora-Pora freshwater fish from the Lake Tabo. You can also try the mouth-watering Naniura that is cooked with native spices and herbs. While they call this dish the Batak Sushi, it tastes and looks almost like a Ceviche from South America.

3. Endless Source of Entertainment

If you are a social person who takes pleasure in trying new traditions and understanding new practices, then this place is definitely for you. While you are here, visit the Huta Bolon Simanindo Museum which was earlier home to Raja Simalungun. This place tells you a lot about the local culture, practices, rituals, weapons and costume. Do try out Ulos or the Batik Sarong and dance to a native tune with the locals.

4. Ever Heard of the Lake on a Lake?

Yes, you read that right. Situated at an altitude of 4265 feet from sea level, and lying between the mountains of Samosir is another lake, the Lake Sidihoni. This place is extremely serene, picturesque and gorgeous. This place is a delight for trekkers who visit Samosir.

5. Try Adventure Sports

Samosir Island is the best place for adventure sports like hiking, trekking, terrain biking and paragliding. If you love the adrenaline rush, do try your hands at the national paragliding competition held at the Martahan Janji Village every year. 

Apart from these, there are a lot of interesting places like the Mystical tomb of King Sidabutar, Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall to visit and enjoy here.  

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