5 heartwarming reasons why every Indian woman would relate with the Marathi period drama, Sindhu!

A Still From Sindhu (Source: ZEE5)

ZEE5 has been broadcasting a new family drama in Marathi named Sindhu. Set in the backdrop of 19th century India, Sindhu is a child prodigy, struggling against contemporary staunch rules of the society. 

She dreams of empowerment through education and strives further to attain it relentlessly. “A woman would study!!!” Quite a few frowning eyebrows and many hurdles later, Sindhu pursued her education with success and stood as an enigma for contemporary women of India. 

This beautiful period drama touches the right chord with viewers with a powerful portrayal of the female protagonist Sindhu. 

There will be obstacles. Nevertheless, you have to persist.

Set in the time of pre independence of India, society was plagued with a number of old and superstitious rules. Evil patriarchal practices loomed large that often went on to belittle women’s rights, education and shorthand girls’ participation in anything outside the four walls of a household. 

Sindhu, even at a tender age, first showed reluctance to abide by and put forward her strong will. Her abundant energy was channelised to fight for the right of education. Prevalent ideas on child marriage, caste discrimination, and society’s perception of widows came on her way but nothing stopped her from attaining the dream!

Education triumphs everything else!

ZEE5 drama Sindhu shows the downside of child marriage, how Sindhu had to give in when suitors came at her doorstep. However, her father in law Martand Shashtri found talent in the child and did not set limits only in the courtyard. Even after marriage, Sindhu was sent back to school. Despite an early marriage, Sindhu shone with her talent and perseverance and ensured full utilization of the limited resources available. As they say, Universe comes to reward those who persist. 

Learning never stops

Sindhu, being the curious girl she is, is ready to absorb every new thing or experience she comes across. She earns her share of knowledge from the elderly women of the family, not just school and thus bestowed with an immersive learning experience. 

A Still From Sindhu (Source: ZEE5)


Orthodox rules from olden times are meant to be broken. 

Sindhu shows her grit and determination in taking a firm stand against obsolete social rules. With education, her mind is open for progressive ideas and she opposes age old ideas of caste discrimination, gender inequality, and child marriage, basically all social vils. 

With her influence, Anna’s sister comes forward with progressive look for the world. More women embraced unconventional choices in life. Sindhu emphasizes on the eventual start that started from the home by Indian women themselves as a by-product of imparting equal education for all. 

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Be passionate, be righteous 

Come what may, Sindhu never compromised on her dreams. Her passionate mind shone bright when she fled the house. Her marriage was fixed with an elderly man. Instead of just abiding by, she took action to protect her own life! 

Sindhu persisted in her education even after her marriage with Devavrat Ranade, an heir to a wealthy family, and has always been very vocal about what she aspired for. She knows what is right and is never hesitant to voice her opinion. Her strong will and passion touched the heart of other women in the household too and eventually everyone took a step forward to help this young, head strong yet beautiful hearted girl. Now, that is called a winner, isn’t it?

Sindhu’s journey, surprisingly progressive compared to the time this ZEE5 series is set in, comes with enormous lessons even for contemporary Indian women. Apart from positively influencing young minds, the drama will inspire ordinary women in the pursuit of extraordinary as well.