St. Petersburg – A Magical City For All Seasons

St. Petersburg is widely regarded as Russia’s second city after Moscow and contains a wide range of attractions and activities for tourists at any time of the year. Although the climate may be more favourable in the summer months, this doesn’t mean you can’t visit at any other time of the year but be warned it does get very cold in the winter months so pack accordingly.

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Although it is possible to visit St. Petersburg independently, most people visit the city as part of a wider tour such as a luxury Trans-Siberian railway experience. Your tour operator might have an itinerary in place when you visit the city which will probably include at least one of the highlights detailed below, particularly if you visit during the winter months.

St. Petersburg – Winter Highlights

As previously mentioned, St. Petersburg really is a city for all seasons, the list below contains a number of attractions, some of which are only available during the winter.

  • Skating on New Holland – Arguably one of the most popular things to do in St. Petersburg is ice skating on New Holland. New Holland is a small island close to the city centre and is particularly popular in the evenings. If your visit to Russia means enjoying the same activities as the locals, this activity could be just what you’ve been looking for.
  • Russian Museum Tour – If ice skating sounds a bit too adventurous not to mention a bit cold, a tour of the museums may be an ideal alternative. There are lots of museums in St. Petersburg that are too numerous to mention in this short article but if you do visit one, make sure it’s the world-renowned Hermitage at the Winter Palace.
  • St Petersburg Walking Tour – This is one activity where you will certainly need your coat, hat and gloves in winter but it’s worth it. The city is blessed with some of the most notable and best architecture in Europe and although you can visit at any time of the year, the buildings take on a whole new dimension when illuminated and dusted in snow.
  • Sledding in the Countryside – This is another activity that is enjoyed by St. Petersburg natives of all ages and although a short distance from the city, provides hours of fun for the more adventurous. Your tour operator should be able to provide more details if you fancy some serious fun in the white stuff. 
  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations – If you are lucky enough to visit in January, you can join in on the fun and festivities of the Russian Orthodox Christmas. With seasonal fayre available on every street corner and an atmosphere to rival any Christmas celebration, this is a great time to visit and will provide a memorable experience to savour for many years. 
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If a visit to St. Petersburg in winter either as a sole destination or as part of a wider tour sounds appealing, start browsing today for a Russia travel specialist who can create the ideal itinerary for your holiday.

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