Varanasi Travel Guide: Olden Ghats, Delectable Food & Other Things to do!

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In many ways, traveling to Varanasi felt like going back to your grandparents. The world is aspiring to reach the Mars, but Dadu Dida are happy to write me a letter (handwritten, that was a thing!) from their old habitat, happier than words can fathom, continuing with daily mundane while the surprisingly healthy golden house […]

A Photo-blog: Doors of Varanasi, India!

Varanasi Photo blog

About the blog: The old narrow lanes of Varanasi and her houses are fascinating. I chance encountered an opportunity to photograph them. It was an extremely rewarding experience as I discovered a new depth of Indian culture! This photo blog on Varanasi lists some 80 odd pictures of Varanasi’s old houses. This blog is first […]