Danakil Depression Ethiopia- Why Tourists love this harsh landscape in Africa?

danakil salt flat: Photoshoot at Dallol

A complete guide to plan a backpacking trip to Danakil Depression, Ethiopia. Hiking atop a Lava lake in the pitch dark of a moonlit night, camping under a sky that showed off a star studded galaxy at the middle of the night, walking along the banks of an ancient Sulphur lake that felt and smelt … Read more

25 Astounding Pictures from the Ethiopian Wilderness!

Lalibela churches of Ethiopia: Church of St. George

I hesitated long before I could take on the project of creating content on Ethiopia. The ancient nation from the horn of Africa, landlocked and defying the European colonists since eternity, remained shrouded in an obscure mist. Ethiopia is beautiful and then beautiful is an understatement. Her arid highlands of the north embraces lush green … Read more