Horse cart Bagan
Standing in front of a horse cart, an old school commute in Bagan. Many of these transport adorn the sprawling garden of Heritage Bagan Hotel.

Heritage Bagan Hotel: A Luxury Property Tucked inside Lush Greenery of Bagan!

Against the dusty backdrop of the medieval utopic temple town of Bagan, housed at the heart of Myanmar, stood tall a few rust-hued buildings within the boundary of Heritage Bagan Hotel. Shaped after the countless old temples of Bagan, the Heritage Bagan Hotel is more of a resort that oozes out the warmth of hospitality in every nuance of service and amenity.

Entrance Heritage Bagan Hotel
The entry to Heritage Bagan Hotel. A chariot to board?

“This is regal!” words escaped my mouth as I stood in front of the gigantic reception lounge of the Heritage Bagan Hotel which testifies to the glorious heydays of Bagan with choicest artifacts in dazzling gold and smooth wooden curvitures in pillars and furnishing!

Gold rush in the glass palace like lobby of Heritage Bagan Hotel!

Where to stay in Bagan? A mandatory choice for every Responsible Traveller!

While I was checking on the places to stay in Bagan, a burning issue caught my attention. It pertains to the mad rush of tourists to the ancient temple town of Bagan, a mandatory bucket list destination in Myanmar! Bagan stood safely with its wealth of idyllic temples, stupas and pagodas for more than ten thousand years, comfortably under the dust of fleeting memory of media and men from the outer world.

However, every fairytale has an ending! Bagan’s peace faced perturbation since the country, Myanmar opened up. Opening up, for a country like Myanmar, often tagged as an exotic land of Buddha, entailed a plight of explorers rushing in.

Puppet show of Bagan, Myanmar
One of 19 characters of “Yoke The”, a traditional puppet show of Myanmar. These rag dolls hang under the tree branches of Bagan and greet travellers with a cold grimace!

Man creates a mess! Everywhere. They climbed atop the temples, caused the crumbling structures unreversible damages, brought in a untapped scope of travel trade. Which means many leisure hotel chains opening up “Luxury resorts” amidst the precious lot of ancient structures, making it difficult to differentiate between the new and old world wonder!

Experiencing the Iconic Ladakhi Hospitality at the Grand Dragon Hotel: the Best Luxury Hotel in Leh!

Preserving the Sanctity of Bagan

As usual, Man also repents after the mess he creates. Wise minds spoke up to protect the sanctity of Bagan. An area named “New Bagan” spurred close by. Google Map shows you the new age coffee shops, guest houses, laundromats without fail. I was still not convinced if I wanted to stay in the dingy lanes of New Bagan lest I lose the pristine immersive experience Bagan would provide.

Then Heritage Bagan Hotel appeared as a graceful charm! Located at roughly 1 km distance of the Bagan airport at Nyuang U area, Heritage Bagan Hotel is the perfect holiday abode you were looking for in Bagan. It emits an aura of responsible luxury. Sunrays bath the spacious rooms designed for discerning customers, canopy of neem trees shelters bird’s nests. Heritage Bagan is a home made of the essential traditional Bagan elements and the modern facilities one can dream for.

heritage Bagan Hotel
Staying true to the history of Myanmar, Heritage Bagan hotel has named each of its block after the old dynasties.

We were welcomed with a chilled glass of orange juice and cold towels upon arrival. Check in was smooth and fast. Moi Moi, the lady at the front office, ever smiling and helpful amicably showed us the room. The property is situated on a area of 7.5 hectres and expanding. There was construction work going on at one end however since the property is huge, the noise never really reached our room. A few electric vehicles attend to the guests and their luggae for quick transfer to the block.

Blocks of Heritage Bagan Hotel
Entry to each block is regal!

The beautiful rooms of Heritage Bagan Hotel: a respite from the dry heat of the area!

Beds in Heritage Bagan hotel
Notice the runner, cane made dainty sofa and wooden floor? Words will never suffice to express how warm and earthy rooms felt at heritage Bagan Hotel!

Staying true to the history and authenticty of proud heritage of Myanmar, each block of the hotel is designated a name from the old kingdom. We were staying at the Sagaing suites! the rooms were bathed in warmth, love and immense care.

Wooden floor welcomes you to a very soft bed standing in the centre of a spotlessly clean room. The use of minimalistic decor is omnipresent everywhere. The wall panels of the room are made of hand painted colourful figurines, inspired by the iconic murals of Bagan temples. they also add a splash of colour to the otherwise monochromic white and wood accommodation.

Heritage Bagan Hotel Balcony
A game of rusty tones and sun-rays!

Wifi reached every corner of the property. I sat at the balcony with a mug of coffee and easily finished a few pending assignments since connecting to the world was easy. And comfortable as a few birds played relaxing background music!

Heritage Bagan Hotel
Heritage Bagan hotel is the perfect spot for photo shoots in Bagan. In fact, we did notice a few pre-wedding shoots going on in the lawn.

The hotel helps you arrange for a trip to the temple town, old Bagan City where Bagan’s iconic pagodas and temples are housed. Upon your query, they can help you with an e-bike, a tuk-tuk or a car. We rented e-bikes since the weather was pleasant. Do consider taking a car if you are opting for a visit in the drier season.

Swimming pool of Heritage Bagan Hotel
A splash of cold to sustain the dry heat of Bagan!
Heritage Bagan Hotel’s pool also has a Jacuzzi at one corner!

For the next three days, our routine became scooting towards the temples or sunrise spots, getting lost in the abandoned temple ruins in the soft morning light for the following couple of hours, and heading back to the Heritage Bagan Hotel for the sumptuous breakfast spread.

The pool awaited us with its charming azure water and warm bubble bath in the jacuzzi tucked at one corner where we would take a dip to forget worldly worries! It was during the Christmas holidays and the pool was decked up with leon lights at night. Under a super moon night, the romantic dinner set up was exactly what a tutmulous love story demands!

Breakfast spread at Heritage Bagan Hotel
Breakfast like a queen at Heritage Bagan Hotel!

We would also take a leisurely stroll around the property in the afternoon. The artefacts inspired with local culture and Buddhist practices, the glass palace inspired decor of the reception, a warmly lit and well-scented spa: all stand in attention witnessing guests walk past in awe!

Horse Cart Heritage Bagan Hotel
A villa, a horse cart and a pond in front of the junior suit on the make! Heritage Bagan Hotel gives you everything you ask for!

What appealed to me the most about Heritage Bagan hotel was the abundance of greenery. Beyond the pool and touristy details, there are numerous green walking trails, punctuated by manicured gardens, local flowers blooming in glee, a pond with foliages and lotus buds, and bird’s happy chirping. What more you need to find in a home away from a home?

Birds Nest heritage Bagan Hotel
They make homes in the property too besides humans! Often times, I woke up to bird’s song at Heritage Bagan Hotel!

We were hosted at the property. All opinions are reserved by Orange Wayfarer and expressed basis on the experience.

You can directly book with the property by using the website:

Practical information:

Heritage Bagan Hotel is a Luxury property set in Nyaung U area, Bagan and very close to the airport. Rooms are pretty big, comes with big screen LED Tv sets and air conditioning. Bathrooms have bathtubs and traditional showers. Staffs understand and speak English well. Modes of transport to roam in the temple zone of Old Bagan and airport transfer can be arranged upon request. the restaurant has in house dining options. Local and international cuisines, along with Indian and continental choices are available. The hotel also has a well equipped gym and spa facility with skilled masseur. The entrance and rooms on the ground floor are easily accessible by wheel chair too.

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#bagan #responsibletravel #luxurystay #heritagebaganhotel #myanmar

#bagan #responsibletravel #luxurystay #heritagebaganhotel #myanmar

#bagan #responsibletravel #luxurystay #heritagebaganhotel #myanmar

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  1. What a beautiful looking hotel. Your description of everything really made me feel like I could imagine being there. It sounds like a wonderful place.

    1. 🙂 many things said in media are a bit inflated. A country full of kind people that’s what Myanmar is 🙂

  2. I think this is such a relevant and important topic nowadays that isn’t touched on a lot within travel yet! So thank you for taking the initiative! Plus, the destination looks gorgeous and your photos are so lovely? great post!

    1. Thank you. yes, preserving the sanctity of Bagan and yet being Luxurious is a great thing! Thanks again 🙂

  3. Wow, stunning! Having never been to Bagan, every picture I’ve seen of the scenery looks so dry and arid… so it’s pretty cool to know there’s places like this with so much greenery! Thanks for sharing.

    1. 🙂 Bagan is dry however this property have reintroduced green with local trees like Neem etc and the maintained the beauty too!

    1. Thank you. Yes, political hiatus has taken its toll however with plenty of kind and cordial people Myanmar will be a rising destination for many!

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