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As the pandemic is weaning down, more and more people are set out to explore the world as they did in the old world. India is no exception. More so as the country is often hailed as a cradle of diverse geography and culture. Even in the prevailing system of lockdown and air bubbles, the Indian tourism sector sensed business scope in alluring the domestic crowd. Indians travelled within the country with increased enthusiasm and zeal. In between the great pauses during peaking covid surges, Indian states were open to receive tourists who tested negative in RTPCR. Domestic tourism thrived and how! Domestic aircrafts were especially sold out during holiday season as the Indian railways have significantly increased fare for the locomotives. 

I have found it is wise to book flights in a smaller time frame. Unlike previous years when we would book flights at least half a year back for the sacrosanct annual vacation, it is wise to follow the trend and book flights for a destination on short notice. Oftentimes, booking a flight which takes off after 4 months would result in cancellation. 

By the end of March, the Indian government is about to set Indian airspace open, meaning the end of an era where air bubble agreement between countries would cease. We all are eagerly waiting for that change to happen, and welcome tourists from around the globe with folded hands and offer iconic Indian hospitality driven by the mantra, “Atithi Debo Bhaba -Guest is God!”

Indigo aircrafts are regularly flying between Dubai and metro cities in India. Dubai has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations in recent times. Dubai was never really locked down. It was possible to fly to Dubai, stay for a few days and then depart for the next country as more and more countries were closing doors to Indian passport holders during the peak of the pandemic. 

Choosing a reliable Credit Card

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Many credit cards allow you to gain cashback and other offers as you make plans to visit a destination. You may avail certain plans and cashbacks that will enable you to travel more cheaply. Try searching Google with these particular key words, bank name + flight discounts code and you will land on a website running a few offers. 

Choose to Fly at Midnight

Midnight or early morning flights often lead to a stressful night preceding which most of the business travellers tend to avoid for better productivity. You may take advantage of this trend during your next vacation plan and book your flight at a time when the whole world is asleep. Late night flights are great saviours too however be aware of the transport arrangement of your destination airport. 

Avail offers on Wallet Cash 

If you are a frequent traveller, use a few travel portals that offer the benefit of wallet cash. You may choose to go through their apps on smartphones for better discount rates. Sometimes, the cashback may be availed on your bank account as well! 

Book directly with the Airlines

Booking a flight directly from the airline’s portal often results in a better price. For example In India, many airlines run offers for students, ex army service personnels. If you book at least 90 days prior, the airline’s fare is definitely lower than any other portal or travel portal since no middle party is involved. 

Master the art of Incognito search

The airline algorithms are designed in a way that you search for a destination multiple times and the search engine predicts your urgency and shows a higher price. To avoid this unprecedented (and unjust) price hike please open an incognito mode and look for prices. These prices will differ drastically. Incognito mode does not trace users’ Ip address hence will not send a signal to the search engine that you are actively and urgently looking for a flight! This makes a world of difference! 

Fly light and book hand luggage only

Flying light nor only saves you some money but also adds to lesser carbon emission leading to a greener travel option. Many aircrafts actually let you fly with hand luggage only option where you opt out of check in luggage. Check in luggage can be added for extra bucks. If you are travelling solo and light, this is the best option [possible! 

You can also choose to subscribe for the airlines newsletter that lets you know about the insiders’ information or discounts at the earliest! Check many websites and compare the price before you make the final booking. I hope the information collated here saves you a few bucks as you go on to book your next international or domestic travel! Here I am hoping to experience the beautiful big world, one step at a time! 

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  1. i am doing job in a multinational medical company i have to visit our different sub branches every month i have used different air line then i come to know that i have spend much money on my fairs then i start searching about this and i got some keys points always book flight directly from airline not from agents and always book your ticket at mid nights, after doing this i have saved 30% everytime.

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