Masakali: The Real Travel Stories

Masakali : Peace Dove that tirelessly flies While growing up in the earlier part of this century, we chanced upon a song on a dove. A Masakali, a dove that enchanted the generation with gleeful, fun mood and help adapt a carefree life. Soon, there were kurtis named after Masakli. Festivals galored and prizes showers […]

Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium: A trip to the world apart!: Book Review

Book Review: Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium Ever since the teenage me had got hold of a Harry Potter book, the genre of fantasy never ceased to appeal my mind! Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium, written by Rajamayyoor Sharma, is my latest muse from the wide array of unread books from the shelf, that […]

Everything to know before starting a Road trip to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

A Complete Guide to Road Tripping Arunachal Pradesh: Everything You Must Know   “To ascend the steep Himalayas of the far eastern range is a daunting task. You shall need a car that will go on and on!” said the driver Anirul, whom we requested for an SUV for the upcoming trip. “Amaron it has […]

Travel stories by an Iraqi Female traveler: Iraq what you have seldom heard off!

All that remained from Iraq This day marks the fifteenth year for an entire generation who grew up reading about Babylon’s hanging garden, but only got glimpses of burning oil mines from vast fields of Iraq in morning newspaper. Laden, 9/11, death, trauma, Bush, America, war, saddam, Women of Mass destruction were some the key […]

Everything a traveler should know before choosing Arunachal Pradesh as the next destination!

Arunachal Pradesh, the last bastion of pristine Himalayas Arunachal Pradesh is nothing like what you have seen till date. And do not get me wrong there. It is better that you have not seen it yet. Life deserves occasional surprises to fight the routine. Also, life needs to be assured it shall be punctuated with […]

The ultimate destination of Jama Masjid Food walk: Why and hows of Karim’s restaurant, Delhi

From the mighty pen of Mirza Ghalib, Hazāroñ ḳhvāhisheñ aisī ki har ḳhvāhish pe dam nikle bahut nikle mire armān lekin phir bhī kam nikle… [I have a thousand yearnings , each one afflicts me so Many were fulfilled for sure, not enough although.] Foodwalk near Jama Masjid: Karim’s Mughlai restaurant in Delhi, the old […]

This Holi, celebrate Basanta Utsav in Shantiniketan, West bengal

A prelude to Basanta Utsav in Shantiniketan During my life in Delhi, Holi came and was gone twice. The days preceding the event were usually filled with enthusiastic description of Bhaang, the experience from drinking that from the previous year, the preparation. My friends would order a swimsuit or two from online world, usually in royal […]

In Photos: Memories of Hanoi Old Quarter

I stayed in Hanoi for 4 days. I stayed in the old quarter of Hanoi. You already know about that. I took a few day’s retreat to Sa Pa and Ninh Binh from the bustling city but came back to Hoan Kiem Lake again, for the city is blissfully beautiful. here are few snapshots from […]

10 food you must eat in Hanoi (includes Old Quarter and beyond)

While Thailand had blessed me with incessant supply of seafood even in the capital, Hanoi overwhelmed me with history and culture. Sated, when I felt the hunger pang by the end of the day, I could list down plenty of distinct style of great food. The initial sense of aroma, look and feel differs greatly […]