Madhurima: Creator of the blog Orange Wayfarer

My name is Madhurima Chakraborty and this is my story. My Story. It feels incredible to write this, that I have a platform, that I am privileged enough to share my story which will be read and heard by all of you, many of you. I would not have met or known most of you! […]

Best Indian Cultural Travel Bloggers with a penchant for Honest Writing!

Close up of the wheel at Hampi Chariot: Iconic monuments in India

About this blog: A curated list of some of my favorite travel content creator whom I consider to be among India’s best travel bloggers, especially in the travel niche. Help me discover more, tell me who is your favorite! Three years back, when I hesitantly stepped into the field of travel blogging, I recall Googling […]

My first Suicide Attempt and Why I Never Want to Die Again!

“Eighty percent of comedians come from a place of tragedy. They didn’t get enough love. They have to overcome their problems by making people laugh.” Jamie Masada, owner, Laugh Factory. I cried myself to sleep that night. I had just drank a couple of “caps” of Baygon Spray. I was 14 years old. I was […]

The Art of Working from Home: Tips and Tricks on Productivity

About this blog: With a crisis situation worldwide, more and more offices are allowing employees to log in from home and get work down! A gift of time has been ushered on us, albeit unexpectedly, so much so we do not know how to utilize this abundant palpable flow of time! This blog post contains […]

How Travels Shaped My 2019 : Overcoming Anxiety & A Year on the Road

In the year of 2019, I had quit my job and traveled over 40 destinations of international repute. That is roughly 7 countries and 6 states of India. Hold on there. This is not yet another “quit your job and travel the world post“. Sorry to be the Devil’s advocate, but I am here to […]

Orange Wayfarer Media Kit

Orange Wayfarer: Audience Reach at a Glance A Cultural Travel Blog focused on Luxury & Responsible Travel Monthly PV: 32k+ Domain Authority: 31 Page Authority: 34 Readership demography By Nation: India, followed by USA and UK By Age group: Millennial (25-34 years constitutes 56.15% readership) By Gender:  59.9% females Orange Wayfarer on Social Media! Instagram […]