About this blog: A photo series on the much awaited Nor’easter Lorraine that covered the Earth in NYC!

Every photo used in this blog is captured by Archan Ray.

I had received at least 5 weather advisory from the building management where I stay in Jersey City stating tomorrow, the February 13th would be a Snow Day!

This is my second year living in the East Coast of the USA. I have felt the shivers of prolonged winter in the US but I did not really live the snow!

The last time I saw snow in its glory was when I was traveling in Kargil, more specifically I was exploring Dras at that time!

Needless to say, this particular episode of snow in NYC was much anticipated.

I work at the Midtown. I do not have the privilege of working from home! To be honest I wanted to go to the city on a snow day, to feel what it is like when it snows in NYC! So I woke up in the morning, stared out of the glass panels of my wall, looked at the white washed world outside, readied my hair, changed for office wear and started to run after the three trains that would take me from JC to the heart of Midtown!

It did snow in New York. Nor’easter Lorraine brought in 6 to 9 inches of snow in the interiors of Jersey and Upstate.

In NYC though, I saw business as usual. Trains were running late. Trains running late in NYC, all the train at the same time means something is serious! A man was pulling a cart right at the mouth of Grand Central and cleaning the roads off the flaky white dusts.

I have learnt on the days it snows, temperature would not go down as low as it would be the next day!!

I reached to a rather empty office. My colleagues were mostly stuck in the train tunnels under the waters of Hudson and East river! Soon after, Archan pings me asking if I would wanna join him for pictures! “Fun snow pictures!”

Sigh! I am selling my time for an hourly wage these days. In spirit I would be with him to the Central park but in reality, I had to curb my enthusiasm and enjoy the snow fall from y midtown workdesk!

By afternoon the sky cleared up.

However, The Central Park, the quintessential oxygen parlor of this incredible city had welcomed snow like Rajasthan welcomes monsoon in India after a bout of draught. “Padharo Mere desh!” Children went out to sledge in the snow. Some skied on the roads (I saw on Instagram reels). The ducks on the Pond seemed to be overjoyed too! NYers seemed to be served less than expected snowfall, but they sure did enjoyed while it lasted!

The snowfall lasted from dawn to 2 pm. At night, it was business as usual in New York. There are plenty of things to do in New York at night. If I am to pick a favourite, it has to be singing my heart out at the Karaoke bars of Korea Town!

Here, I am sharing some pictures. For daily updates of life of an Indian expat in NYC, follow my Instagram here!

Love the black heels on the doggo!

That red ball has all my heart!

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Many snowmen were build on February 13th which would melt over next couple of days!

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