Among many things to eat, this week I craved majorly for some good Thai Curry. In Red, Green or Orange hue, I do not mind really. Guess the long absence from the Siam country is not going too well with my taste buds. Nonetheless, I live in Bangalore, and have found a spot in Indiranagar! There is no harm in indulging in a good Sunday dinner.

In fact this great city of Namma Ooru, dubbed as India’s answer to Silicon valley has little to offer for those who seek the warmth of a river or lush green. The food joints though, are world class and hardly ever shy away from experimenting. Mamagoto is one of the Asian dining places of the city, people have been swearing by lately. So Mamagoto, Indiranagar it is!

Here is how I liked the place, and please note this is not a sponsored post.

The meaning of the word Mamagoto is Japanese is a playhouse. And how it lets children play with food! With grown ups alike.

First look at the Restaurant, and these is what I felt:


Cocktails we ordered:

A Gin and Pomegranate one. This is Big and here to stay. The other was was a Coffee mixed with Vodka and sucked big time. Almost like sweet syrup in my opinion!


Food, both main course and Hors d’oeuvre:

The crispy fried lotus stems
I Never had lotus stems, even when I was traveling in Bangkok’s floating markets. The taste was similar to that of fried plantain, not fried in coconut oil though.


The Chicken Breasts with Honey

Too sweet for my taste but the chicken was cooked tender. This is served with a salad like milieu. Not worth it, I say.


Main Course: Of course the Red Thai Curry

Of course I went to Mamagoto to have Thai Chicken Curry. It was worth the pain. We went with the Red Curry variation. It is adorned with aubergines, and many other assorted vegetables and few long slices of chicken. Best is if you have it with sticky rice and one portion will suffice two. You should be content with less of chicken slices though!


Pro tip: Order sticky rice to eat with it!





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  1. I remember going to Mamagoto for an authentic oriental meal. Ended up ordering honey chilli potatoes and corn fritters and the quantity was so good that we could not move on to main course at all 😀

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