Glaciers over the Himalayas

Back in 2012, we traveled to Kashmir with family. My parents, the brother and moi. I was in early twenties. Kashmir was enjoying a peaceful pause. There was a earthquake in Kolkata during our stay and the tremor was felt in the whole of north India. We got the news at the high of Gulmarg. Alarmed, every Bengali uncle from the Gosh tour in Monkey cap wanted to come back to Srinagar valley!

But I remember Kashmir from with a whole lot of love and melancholic memory. The verdant vistas, the snow peaks, the dense wood, the dance of hair pin bends and in between tombs commemorating martyrdom of young, incredibly young men… I would come to Kolkata, close my eyes during stressful situation and my mind would take me back to Kashmir… those beautiful couple of weeks! What a place, I have not seen anything like that ever…

This is a travel memory that recalls the quirks of traveling in groups. Of traveling with a cook who would wake up at the wee hours of the day and prepare rice and fish for the whole team! Oh my my! Listen and laugh is all I can say at the moment!

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