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Visiting Europe is on most people’s wish lists, especially if they’re yet to venture over to a European country of any kind. It’s a continent with a diverse cultural heritage, a range of stunningly beautiful locations, and vibrant cities known for their restaurants, nightlife and architecture. 

The options are extensive for the average holidaymaker. As a result, knowing where exactly to go in Europe can be tough to decide on. From the historical sites of Rome to the romantic vibes of Paris, the potential trip of a lifetime is there. Once you reach Europe, the means by which you can travel are evident also. Alongside the usual option of going by plane, there are trains and buses which are generally well connected. It’s certainly a part of the world where adventures can be had. Not everyone is sure on where exactly to go, though.

London tops the list

First up, it’s London. Whether you’re keen to brush up on your historical knowledge with a visit to the British Museum or you’re tempted to take in a West End theatre show and boogie the night away afterwards in one of the city’s top nightclubs, the options are comprehensive. The Tower of London is another popular choice, so too is the option of eating a traditional Sunday roast in an old pub steeped in history. Perhaps you’re a casino goer usually sampling slot games at an Indian online casino, and you’re tempted to showcase your skills to a London audience at The Empire Casino. Alternatively, visiting the Queen’s Buckingham Palace home is another popular option, alongside taking in an Arsenal or Chelsea Premier League match. Whatever you want to do, London can most probably accommodate it. 

Another go-to location for many people on a European adventure is the aforementioned Paris. With its superb museums, monuments, and churches, it’s a truly magical city to spend a period of time in. Iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower is a must-see, alongside world-famous exhibits such as the Louvre. Luxembourg Gardens and its gorgeous array of flowers is worth taking in also, alongside a whole host of quirky architecture and excellent shopping areas. On top of this, French food is extremely tasty too. From fine wine in the evening to fresh croissants in the morning, Parisians know good food. Overall, Paris is well worth visiting. 

Barcelona has unique experiences

Barcelona is another favourite city to check out for many people. Home of arguably the world’s greatest soccer player in Lionel Messi, the city’s football stadium is a favoured option for many. There is so much you can do in what is a stunning city full of diverse architecture that you’ll struggle to see anywhere else on the planet. Visitors tend to rush to see beautiful sights such as Antoni Gaudí’s Park Güell and Basilica de la Sagrada Família, but are equally pulled in by the city’s range of tasty tapas bars at popular venues such as Boqueria Market. Las Ramblas is another well-liked area of Barcelona also for its culture and shopping. 


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Usually associated with its famous coffee shops and Red Light District, Amsterdam is another European city well worth experiencing. The Dutch capital has far more to offer than most people think, too. For starters, the Van Gogh Museum is a popular choice alongside the Dutch Resistance Museum and the Rembrandt House Museum. Perhaps learning more about the remarkable Anne Frank and her story at Anne Frank House appeals also. A romantic and relaxing boat ride along the city’s canals is a perfect way to wind down a busy day, too. 

Other must-see European cities include Rome, Prague, Venice, Athens, Dublin, Madrid, Stockholm, and Berlin. 

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