I graduated as a Hospitality management student in the year of 2011. My dreams were perfectly aligned with the booming service industry.  

However, things have changed over the last decade, especially with the era of internet. 

State Institute of Hotel Management

Visual storytelling through smartphones is overwhelmingly sweeping the current generation of its feet. It feeds generations of stakeholders of the hospitality industry, from consumer to service provider, with an array of inspiration, information, competitive analysis, networking and more! 

One of the modern aspects of the hospitality industry is all about highlighting the story that resonates well with your potential guest and make her a retainer in the process. 

SIHM Gujrat prepares students with all the nuances of modern trends of the hospitality industry.  

The Royal palaces from the days of yore are opening a wing for the travellers. Major hotel chains are embracing go green and responsible hospitality trends. Everything local, personal and humane is being loved and celebrated in the travel space. Government regulations are firm on service industry.

Do you run a farmhouse, and imbibe the values and ethos of the local community in the course of running it? Does your establishment is designed keeping the environment in mind and offer a holistic experience? Do you source your food materials from local farmers, ethically? Are you armed with necessary training and qualification to render service in hospitality industry? For example, in Australia an RSA certificate helps a job-seeker with advantage like knowledge on alcohol service etc.

Newer avenues are opening up in travel and hospitality sector as millennials take over the world! 

Indian Tourism industry, growing at an increased rate of 15.6%, is in need of skilled manpower. Students are increasingly taking an interest in courses related to hospitality. 

State Institute of Hotel Management, located in the historic city of Patan, Gujarat is one pioneer in the field of hospitality. Funded by the state government in Gujarat, and in close connection with the Gujarat tourism council, SIHM showcases the new age course modules befitting the demand of new trends in the hospitality sector. 

State Institute of Hotel Management

The young professionals are well versed with technicalities of the hospitality management and equipped to provide excellent service for the upcoming anticipated surge in the travel sector. 

The silver lining of a government-funded institute is, with ample patronage of the government, the newly funded institute is set to strive for academic excellence. Like the premier institutes promoted by the state government of Gujarat, SIHM is deemed to be a pioneer in the space of tourism and hospitality with ample opportunity for employment in the pipeline, in Gujrat and beyond.

State Institute of Hotel Management

Gujarat Tourism Board has been relentless in promoting Gujarat as a destination. With the unveiling of the world’s tallest statue of Unity, Gujarat has welcomed an overwhelming number of guests. 

SIHM is on its way to achieving its vision of attaining a place among the top ten world-class institutes in the Hotel & Tourism Industry.

The institute imparts a full-fledged four years bachelors degree and a year-long diploma course as well. The faculty is handpicked from the top industry experts. Students are highly disciplined, like any hospitality institute should be, and motivated towards excellence. Separate lodging facility is available for both male and female students. 

State Institute of Hotel Management

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative article. I was looking for such kind of information as my sister is planning to do hospitality management course from Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran. This article will be be helpful to her and clear her all doubts.

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