About this blog: A night bus journey from Ho Chi Minh City will bring you to the blooming green plains of Da Lat, a picturesque city from the central highlands famous for pleasant weather year round and coffee plantation. Read to know if it is worth visiting Da Lat for 3 days & what to see.

La Petit Paris- Vietnamese people love Dalat as the French love Paris. 

Having been to both, I can tell you Dalat is stunning in its own charm. It is not Paris. Neither it has to be to make you fall in love. A quaint hill station wrapped in the ethereal beauty of the highlands of South Vietnam, Dalat is an agricultural powerhouse providing the country with baskets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Temperate climate for twelve months. Absolutely beautiful countryside to spend the slow summer nights. Da Lat is a favourite choice for many expats who like to live the quintessential slow life in Asia.

Tuyen Lam Lake Da lat best things to do
Much of Dalat is so picturesque that many call it a frame by Monet. Average elevation: 1500 meters.

Dalat- City of Eternal Spring

Swaths of Alpine forest, glasswater lakes feeding farmlands, pregnant clouds seeking refuge in the lap of Langbiang mountains, Dalat is a mystic hill station in South Vietnam. It is more popular as a romantic escape for newlyweds of Vietnam. Not many international tourists visit Dalat.

However, I recommend visiting Dalat to experience Vietnamese country life and escape the hot and humid sun of the southern plainland. During the colonial Indochina era, Dalat was a pleasant cooler refuge for the French. French influence is evident in the center of the town, at the French quarter and multiple French institutes. The city parks are filled with blooming  lilies, chrysanthemums, and roses.

Dalat is a good central point to break the journey while you are on your way from south to the north of Vietnam. Neither as expensive as Hoi An, nor as remote as Sa Pa, Da Lat has many interesting things to do. You should stay in Da Lat anywhere between 2 to 3 days to explore the countryside, see the waterfalls, chase the clouds, experience the nightlife before moving to the next town.

Dalat is the home to ethnic group called Lat. Dalat means the river of the Lat. 

Is Da Lat worth a visit?

If you are pressed for time and traveling from the south to North of Vietnam in a tight 10 or 12 day itinerary, you may choose to slow down ar Hoi An instead, followed by Hanoi, Halong bay and SaPa. Da Lat is best experienced with a slow pace.

Da Lat is a little hill station with plenty of farmland and animal sanctuaries (some of them are controversial) surrounding. At night, the quaint town comes alive with a busy night market where villagers gather, exchange niceties & cater to tourists with fresh produce for the day. It has a past colored by the French colonial rules.

However, if you seek peace and quiet of nature, Da Lat might come to you as the best kept surprise of Vietnam. I would rank it slightly lower than Sa Pa only because Sa Pa has a unique cultural context and stunning green paddy field.

To be honest Da Lat is more popular to the local tourists of Vietnam than international travelers. The remnants of French settlers, European looking town, quaint lifestyle and above all the alpine weather contributes to that.

Da Lat is best explored by renting a bike and driving the winding roads. Once you check in at the hotel, you may be presented with a bunch of custom made day trip itineraries to choose from. You need to make a choice between a farm, an animal sanctuary, a few scenic spots (think a mountain view point or a waterfall) and an old pagoda. Conducted tours are one way to explore Da Lat.

If you can ride a scooty, choose that. For 5 USD you get to rent a vehicle and move freely between many spots.

Start you day by the Tuyen Lam Lake

The heart of Dalat town is located somewhere inside the Tuyen Lam Lake. Originally a man made reservoir, the 350 hectare wide massive Tuyen Lam Lake is a tranquil waterbody which branched out in a unique shape surrounding the craggy mountains. Unless you are flying a drone, you can get a bird’s eye view (the best view of the lake) of the lake from Pinhatt View point.

Tip: If you reach Da Lat from Saigon in the morning bus, and your hotel allows a late check in, please spend some time by the lake in the morning. It is covered with mist in the morning. You will find locals fishing. A few lovers meeting secretly. The lavender garden at the South West of the lake spreads a heavenly aroma. 

A leisurely stroll around the lake is a pleasant way to start the day and get accustomed with the vibe of Dalat town.

Tuyen lam Lake is at the foot of the hill that houses Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery

You can take the cable car to reach the top of the hill where Truc Lam Zen Monastery is located. While I found it not as charming as the Linh Phouc Pagoda, you get to enter for free. During sundown, the scenic beauty is unparalleled.

Chasing waterfalls in Dalat

Due to its central highland location, Dalat is surrounded by many hillocks and beautiful streams of waterfalls. Many conducted tours take you to 3 waterfalls in a day in and around Dalat Country side.

Waterfalls in Da Lat are well maintained with landscaped gardens, guards and can not be used for taking a bath unless explicitly written at he entrance. Gone are olden days when you could just walk into the water. I say this is a curse of over-tourism in Vietnam. Most of the falls are open from sunrise to sunset.

Datanla Falls

Datanla Fall is the main attraction in Da Lat especially for the domestic travelers of Vietnam. The fall is located 5 km from the town of Da Lat, and is easily accessible from the center of the town.
Datanla is a great place for a day out with family and kids, especially for those who like to experience adventure travel.

The roller coaster (Toboggan) ride is a unique way to reach the fall. The sudden adrenaline rush that takes you through the dense forest is a rather unique experience. It is not the highest roller coaster ride but sure has a few elements of surprises. There is an option for a half a mile slide, a zip line and rafting for the experienced travelers as well. You can also opt for the canyoneering expedition where your guide will show you how to tie the knots and navigate the falls through water and rocks.

With a restaurant and a souvenir shop, Datanla is a complete tourist package. it is not really secluded. Neither will it bring you closer to nature. For that, I suggest you head to the 7 cascades falls.
If you skip the roller coaster and hike down the trail to reach Datanla Falls, you would be rather underwhelmed. A major reason for that is the unruly crowd. Close proximity to Da Lat town makes this place vulnerable to massive tourist footfall on a daily basis.

Entry fee- 75k VND with the Roller Coaster or Toboggan ride

Waterfalls in Da Lat vietnam

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Pongour waterfall/ 7 Cascades

The most beautiful waterfall of Dalat region is located 50 km south of Dalat city (Duc Trong district) and requires a bike ride for one and a half hours. Revered by the locals, the 7 cascades fall is the stage of Spring festival in Dalat during the first lunar month festivity.

Legends say the neatly folded layers of the fall represent the four rhino who turned into rocks while grieving for their deceased king.

Pongour Fall has imposing height of 40 meter and a width of 100 meter along which gushing water falls during all the season. earlier you could walk along the cascading steps. A few incidents in recent years eventually stopped this activity.

You can visit Pongour falls during dry season. Although water steam will not be terrifying it would not be completely dry. In the rainy season, the waterfall becomes muddy and massive.

Ticket price- 40k VND + 5k for bike parking

Elephant Fall in Da Lat Vietnam

Elephant Fall (Thác Voi)

Thác Voi is located 30 km outside Da Lat. For a 20k VND (about a USD)you can hike down the mighty 30 meter stream of water overlooking the Statue of Lady Buddha (Lihn An).

If you do not want to hike down 145 natural stones to go to the feet of the falls, visit the Elephant Coffee shop. During rains, you will find the fall in all its glory pouring millions of liters of water downstream. It does bring in a lot of trash too.

Close to the Elephant Fall, a coffee garden (Tam Trinh Coffee experience) exists. They give you a guided tour of the plantation that overlooks the waterfall at a distance. Besides, the coffee garden tour is educational and gives you a glimpse of the overall farm to cup experience.

Legends say that a bereaved mountain girl lamented for her deceased lover at the peak of this mountain. Her pain stricken voice took life away from a herd of elephants who turned to stone in grief. The indigenous tribe K’ho named the fall in the memory of this event. Besides, the roaring water reminds of elephant footsteps in the dense forest.

Cloud chasing at Trai Mat, Da lat best things to do
Cloud chasing is a famous thing to do in Da Lat, Vietnam

Cloud Hunting in Dalat during the Rainy season

In recent years, one of the most intimate experiences with nature has been the cloud chasing early morning tours in Da Lat.

Being surrounded by the langBiang mountains, Da Lat is home to resting clouds at the break of the dawn. This is a unique natural phenomenon in Vietnam. Beside Da Lat, you can see beautiful Cloudscape at Dien Bien Phu, the DMZ area also famous for the ceasefire history from Vietnam’s tumultuous past.

You can join a group or visit the peak of Samten Mountain at the wee hours of the day. A  typical Cloud hunting experience in Da Lat lasts till 10 am and starts before 5 am. From the top of the mountain, you will see the valley covered with fog. With the sun eventually rising, sunrays start to awash the valley. The clouds, the mist, the sunray and living sky of the day break, play hide and seek with each other and prepare for a canvas seldom experienced in other parts of the world. 

I had the fortune of witnessing sun above the clouds at Zuluk, North East Sikkim during the December months.

Tips for cloud hunting in Da Lat.

Your luck and weather play a pivotal role in the fact you may or may not experience cloud hunting in Dalat. It must be humid and enough clouds should have formed. A light drizzle would increase the chance of cloud hunting. Best time to see the clouds in Da Lat is from June to early September when it starts to rain in the region. 

You can try to visit the following peaks for a beautiful experience of cloud chasing in Dalat.

Cau Dat Tea Hill

Samten Hills

Pinhatt view point (Not just the clouds, you will get glimpses of Tuyen Lam lake)
Please be patient and allow some time for the Sun to glow in its prime for the best photographs during cloud chasing in Da Lat. Local folklore says, witnessing Clouds meaning you have good nhân phẩm (moral value).

Things to do in Dalat- French heritage train station

Dalat Railway Station

The Dalat Railway station was built by the French colonists back in the 1930s. The unique station architecture is an ode to the native Cao Nguyen community and Art Deco style from Europe. In its heyday, it had serviced the Ngoan Muc pass.
During the Vietnam war, much of the South Vietnamese railway system had fallen victim to warfare, landmine sabotages. The Dalat line was no exception.
After the liberation of the country, Railway tracks were rebuilt as a goodwill gesture to promote national unity. However, the Dalat rail line was not much in use and hence scrapped. Metals and tracks were used to rebuild other parts of the country’s railway line.

A 7 km stretch of rail track circumnavigating Dalat downtown remains active till this day in Dalat. Tourists visiting this national cultural site can have a taste of French Indochina by riding the Swiss made steam engine. The old school carriage with glass windows and pastel coloured curtains carrying a sign “Dalat Plateau Rail Road” has a cafe in it as well.

Entry fee- 5000 VND (0.20 USD)

You can visit the Linh Phuoc pagoda by riding this train car. It is a 25 minute one way ride and costs 6 USD for a round trip. Please note, it is possible to get a ticket to ride a regular train from Dalat station but this train does not go to places like Hanoi or Hue. Even if you do not ride the train, visit for experience the station and the landscaped gardens, especially beautiful during sunset hours.

Linh Phouc Pagoda- Best thinsg to do in da Lat

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

A unique and arguably the tallest bell tower pagoda of Dalat is the Linh Phuoc Pagoda. I have witnessed the splendor of many Buddhist temples in South east Asia, including that of Bagan in Myanmar however the Linh Phouc Pagoda in Da Lat stands out for its unique architecture. Use of abundance colour brings the Pagoda alive.

A 20-minute drive from Da Lat City Centre, locals call it the Bottle Pagoda. Hence, the colloquial term of the pagoda is Ve Chai Pagoda, meaning bottles in the Southern term of Vietnam. 12,000 recycled beer bottles are used with glass and porcelain to build the 49-metre-long dragon statue at the premises.

The central hall of the pagoda has intricate murals telling the story of Buddha Jataka, the birth and life stories of Buddha. The tower, the dragons the gigantic bell- Linh Phouc is a lesson of culture that is awaiting unveiling at every step.

The 18 meter tall Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara statue is made of half a million chrysanthemums.
You can write your wishes on a small note and stick it to the center of the bell, and ring it 3 times. Faith tells that Buddha himself receives it.

Night market of Dalat vietnam

The night market of Da Lat

One of my favorite things to do in any reasonably sized South east Asian town is to explore the Night market. The local markets are way more than a transactional trade point. It is where locals come to socialise, to form an opinion, to share the deepest of secrets, to meet a friend, to sustain their livelihood. 

The Da lat night market, also known as Am Phu market is no different.

Not just food, you can collect a bunch of useful stuff, from souvenirs to art to porcelain glassware, thrifted clothes, silver jewellery- you name it you get it. Most of these are locally made. Although Chinese made stuff is not unheard of. 

The DaLat night market takes place at the center of the city from sundown to 11 pm. 7 days a week.

Among the foods you must try here,  noodle soup, crab noodle soup, grilled skewers, grilled vegetables, grilled rice paper with various toppings, chicken drumsticks, and soy milk are to name a few. I loved the egg pizza specifically. There is no dearth of fresh produce, sea food. For a curious eye, you will find ample amounts of dried food items as well!

 Some groups dance to hip hop and others do a skater show. 

It is a chaotic place. Do not be surprised if you find yourself walking amid a few hundred people and a few bikes jostling to enter. Tourists are often overcharged. Bargaining is a norm, much like the rest of Vietnam.

Da Lat night market is famous for knock off branded clothes and thrift shops. Thrift shops can really surprise you with price and what they can offer. The stores inside sell plenty of nuts. I found that rather surprising. Why are there so many nut stalls in Da Lat? It is unique compared to the other night markets of Asia.

Crazy house- Dalat Vietnam

The Crazy House

Hang Nga (Chinese for Lunar goddess) house hosts people overnight as well as lets guests enter for an hour long exploration of this quircy architecture.

Deformed structure, a maze of passages that lead to one another, peaceful garden inbetween, the Crazy house in Da Lat is everything that you did not expect from a House beforehand! They call this house as art of expression. There is good reason behind it.

The architect, Dang Viet Nga had studied in Moscow and returned to work with the Vietnam Government. By the end of her Career, she wished to retire at the lap of lush green Da Lat nature. Steel, wood, concrete came to support her imagination that ave birth to the Crazy house, a structure without any defined corner, yet beautifully filled with various shapes of mushroom, shells, cobwebs, ferns.

While walking on the cement “branches” of the crazy house, I felt like I have reached a make believe world of ALice in the Wonderland and Disney shot in Sepia tone. Walking in the alleyways of Crazy house can be compared to walking on a giant tree house, one which has no shape or form but is completely dependant on nature.
The artists intent wins there. She has repeatedly stated her purpose to bring humans closer to nature while building the project of Crazy House. It is an ode to mother nature hwich has been mercilessly destroyed over several years.

Offering a unique and mind-boggling experience for guests, Crazy House in Da Lat is a property where every room, hall, and area is decorated in a unique theme.

It’s called Hang Nga Guesthouse & Art Gallery. Visiting Crazy House is taking a journey in giant tree trunks with small winding paths.

The tree trunks are connected by the tree branches. You won’t know where these branches may lead. They can take you closer to the sky – the top of Crazy House or they can take you to the ocean – a room with 3D paintings of sea creatures.
They have a total of 10 guest rooms located inside the building in the form of tree trunks. Each room is named after an animal and it represents a country: Bamboo room for Vietnam, Bear for Russia etc. You can not find modern equipment such as televisions, or air conditioners. Living in the hollow of the tree trunks will give you a warm and pleasant feeling.

An old photo pf Dalat Vietnam

Dalat Flower Park

Local’s favourite spot for wedding photo shoot, the Dalat Flower Park is a botanical garden featuring  more than 300 different plants. Da Lat Flower Park also displays rare and beautiful plants such as Bonsai, African cactus etc. 

Beside Da Lat Flower Park is a romantic hill with Xuan Huong Lake. The total area of the Dalat flower garden is 7000 square meters. The Welcome Gate of Dalat flower garden is considered the largest flower gate in Vietnam. 

Like the Central park of New York, there are traditional horse carriages to explore the park. A variety of dining options are available here. From roses, and orchids to exotic blooms, the park showcases diverse flora from around the world. The park’s central area features a water fountain, serving as a focal point of the park. On the right side of the Dalat flower garden is a greenhouse that sells varieties of ornamental plants, from purple phoenix flowers to lavenders, chrysanthemums, orchids. Visit during the peak blooming season, typically from December to March, to witness the park in its full floral splendour. 

Cathedral of Da Lat Diocese- French Heritage of Vietnam

Cathedral of Da Lat Diocese

St. Nicholas of Bari Cathedral, locally called the Chicken Church, is the seat of the Diocese of Da Lat.  Located on Tran Phu Street, this is one of the earliest French-style Roman Catholic churches built in Da Lat. 

The reason why the church is called Chicken Church is a magnificent chicken sculpture placed on top of the cathedral. The chicken swings in the direction of the wind on a very light silver ring. 

The chicken is basically a weather forecast station. The church is shaped like a cross with a prominent bell tower standing 47 meters tall. 

The church is divided into 3 segments – the main prayer hall with the altar and pews and two compartments on each side with benches. The attic of the cathedral features 70 paintings crafted by the renowned Louis Balmet workshop in Grenoble, France. 

On the occasion of Christmas every year, this place attracts a lot of people both inside and outside the religion to visit the ceremony. 

Entry fee- VND 80,00

the Clay House of Da Lat Vietnam

The Clay Tunnel

You might have come across this dreamy landscape on Instagram where two massive face structures painted in green moss float on an infinity pool. Their mellow eyes greet each other. Their demeanor feels like it was borrowed from the eternal nature depicted in the film Avatar.

You find the picture coming alive at the Clay Tunnel in Dalat. This underground labyrinth of Clay Tunnel, made entirely of clay and mud, is an elaborate artistic endeavor. The unique theme park in Vietnam tells the story of Da lat and its early days through massive structures, designs and intricate statues. There are areas dedicated to the history of the most recent pandemic humans endured. I personally loved the musical instruments display and the steam engine made of mud.

Walking in the labyrinth that Clay Tunnel is, I felt transported back to the Santhal villages of hinterlands of Bengal.

Please note, the Clay Tunnel is made of clay. Come rain a lot of it transforms into mud. Choose a shoe that can withstand that. 

It takes an hour to see the Clay Tunnel. There are many Instagram spots in this theme park, with the two heads on the lake being the most prominent part of it. The Clay tunnel is an interesting place to visit in Dalat with children.

Entry fee to the Clay Tunnel, Dalat: 60k VND, 30k for children

Things to do in da Lat Vietnam

Bao Dai Summer Palace

Bao Dai’s royal residence, also known as Bao Dai palace, is a mansion located on Ai An Hill on Trieu Viet Vuong Street. This palace has 3 different segments, named them Palace 1 (King Palace), Palace 2 and Palace 3 (Bao Dai summer palace). The palace has beautiful architectural works with a harmony between pine forests and parks, Thuong Uyen Royal Garden, Ai An Forest and a small lake creating an extraordinary landscape. 

Bao Dai Summer Palace was designed with 25 rooms using a system of well-disposed flat roofs. After entering the main entrance of the palace, you will feel the fresh air and the tranquillity. The palace has two floors. 

The ground floor was for parties and meetings with foreign guests and government officials. There also includes working rooms, Bao Dai’s office, a library, rooms for entertainment and a large dining room. Today, the mansion has been transformed into a museum, housing a collection of artefacts, photographs, and personal belongings of the royal family.  Compared to the other two palaces at the moment, Palace III is the most remained architecture with many precious objects of King Bao Dai displayed in the reception room. 

While inside the Bao Dai Palace, do not forget to look for a painting of Angkor Wat by Cambodian King Shihanouk. You may also be astonished to see three tiger skins and an elephant’s tusk hunted by the former king himself.

Valley of Love

Da lat being a popular destination among the newlyweds of Vietnam, is undeniably romantic for the honeymooners. With beautiful theme parks at the outskirts of the town, you have ample opportunity to click Insta worthy frames to immortalise your post nuptial escapades.

Valley of Love is a theme park, located about 6km from the city centre of Dalat.

The park entrance is shaped like two hands in love, exchanging rings. You know what you are in for! Eternal love against the lush green landscape. You can easily stroll here for a couple of hours, admiring blooming flowers, interestingly sculpted bush, taking some thousand instagrammable pictures, even going for a swan boat if you like those kinds of stuff. It is a pretty romantic place and perfect for a family outing with children.

The Valley of Love provides breathtaking sunset views over the lake and surrounding hills. The park has numerous souvenir shops where you can purchase mementoes of your visit, from love-themed trinkets to handcrafted items. 

From the top, you get swapping views of the valley and the lake.

Another similar park in Dalat is Golden Valley. It is a bit far from da Lat center hence less crowded.

I could write volumes about Da Lat street food. Food in Dalat or in general Vietnam is the best example of witnessing the French influence in this part of Asia. Be it the snails (Escargots) wrapped in lemongrass and pork meat or Rice pizza and the ever beloved Banh mi sandwiches (distant cousin of baguette filled in with spicy meat and fresh vegetables), Da Lat has it all. 

Banh Trong Nyong is a crispy rice pizza which is topped with egg and meat and spicy sauces that takes the spotlight at DaLat night market.

I loved the supply of freshly cut strawberries and many fruits that were sold at the night market. While hiking in the Da Lat highlands, you will often come across wild ripe strawberry in yellow hues. Those are for the keeps.

Is it worth visiting Dalat Vietnam

Langbiang Mountain

Da Lat is sitting on the lap of Lang Biang Mountain. It is no wonder every street seller in the town would want to take you to the top of the mountain in their run down jeep tour.

You could do that. Reach the feet of Langbiang mountain 10 KM away from the town, ride the vehicle on a dirt road and reach the top.

Or you can choose to hike to the top of Lang Biang. It is a clumsy walk in nature, at part very steep. There is a marked trail. Few hikers visit the top regularly with local guides.

It is a 6 mile long trail and should be done within 5 hours. Please carry a reusable bottle of water. If possible, try to hike during sundown for stunning vista washed with golden hour light.

Tour buses and taxis do go to one of the peaks of Lang Biang. Is the view really worth it? I doubt it. Especially after trekking the rice fields of Sa Pa. But the hike would be memorable.

This is an Instagram famous church for its pretty pink colour (the Pink church of Dalat) and requires you to be there for a nice picture at the break of the dawn before everyone else.

Domaine De Marie Cathedral (Cherry church): Built in 1030, this Catholic church features a marriage between French and Vietnamese architecture (like many other institutes of importance in Dalat and the south of Vietnam). Interestingly, this church has a nunnery. Painted pretty in pink hues, the church is centrally located, set amidst a landscaped garden and is free to access.

An ideal 3 day itinerary at Dalat

Day 1 of suggested Dalat itinerary

As you reach Dalat by the night bus, you have the morning at leisure. Explore the Tuyem Lam lake, take the cable car to go to the top Truc Lam Zen Monastery. The lavender field and the pink church are located close by.

If you like theme park, you can spend a few hours at the Clay tunnel as well.

Once you have checked into the hotel or hostel, you can set aside a few hours in the afternoon for Datanla waterfall visit. End the night at Dalat night market and retire early to bed.

Day 2 of suggested Dalat itinerary

Start the day as early as 4 am and visit Trai Mat to witness the most beautiful sunrise of your life.

You need to ride for one and a half hour to reach Pongour waterfall from this. Visiti to Pongeous is an all day event. If you do this, you can come back and end the day with a visit to the Crazy house.

Instead, you may visit a coffee plantation and hike to the bottom of elephant fall which is located relatively closer. Da Lat has a bunch of waterfall at nearby areas.

Day 3 of suggested Dalat itinerary

You can spread out the waterfall visits for both the days and keep the Elephant Fall visit for the last day.

Alternatively you can take it slow and visit the town of Dalat. Spend some time exploring the intricate details of Ling Phuoc pagoda. End the day at the nostalgic visit to the Dalat Trai Station and learning about the old railway system of this hill station.

Useful tips to plan a trip to Da Lat, Vietnam

Although Vietnamese people swoon over the weather of Da Lat, I found the morning sun is quite harsh at Da Lat. Sa Pa or the attractions in North Vietnam are colder than this.

Please carry sunblock and a cap to protect your skin outdoors while traveling in Dalat.

You may need to layer up while traveling in Da Lat. However it is a wise idea to thrift a few jackets while exploring Da Lat town, especially from teh DaLat night market. Expect to pay USD 10 to 20 for a decent puffer jacket. Bargain over and over again.

Like the rest of Vietnamese towns, Sa Pa town is riddled with many motor bikes. You as a tourist are expected to rent one for less than 7 USD a day and explore the outskirts. 

Please be mindful when on the road.

There are many tourist attractions in DaLat which kind of feel similar to each other. There are numerous parks, waterfalls, sculpture houses, and flower fields. Please research these and decide where exactly you want to visit. 

Da Lat has its real charm hidden in the countryside. Do not forget to explore abundant nature while in Da Lat. There is a reason why the city is called, City of Fogs. It plays a beautiful kaleidoscope in the morning with sun rays kissing the valley. Do not forget to picture that. 

While traveling in Da Lat, assign at least 2 to 3 days to fully experience everything the city has on offer. Stopping here only for a day will not help you much as the city center does not differ much in shapes and sizes. You can see French Colonial buildings in Saigon. You can find stunning nature and mountains as you move more towards the north. With 3 nights in Da Lat, you will have just enough time to explore Da Lat’s charm, the slow life, the joy of being self-sufficient in food production, and adventure trails around the waterfalls. the misty cloud cover in the early morning. Da Lat is beautiful when you know the art of slowing down.


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