Goa Cuisine has intense influence of 450 years of Portuguese rule. Add to that, the local produce of bountiful coconut groves, kokum, tamarind, red rice and more. Goa emerges as one of the leading destination for food-lovers.

Beef and pork are part of traditional food spread of Goa. Add to that, fresh sea food, from kingfish to squid and everything else.

Try the iconic Goan food:

  1. Cafreal, Rechado, Vindaloo, Ambotik (types of curry and grills)
  2. Konkani Thali
  3. Rawa fried King fish

Best Cafe/Restaurants in Goa

  1. Thallassa
  2. Sai Cantin
  3. Starlight
  4. Viva Panjim
  5. Venite
  6. Awadh House
  7. Coastal shacks
  8. La plage

Goa food

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