Six hours of it being official, I am writing this blog as the Moon smiles slant, observing billions rejoicing in the joy of Eid across the globe. Blame a Windows system crash, this post comes late, not being able to serve the lofty task of hungry souls, heading religiously to Frazer Town for the pleasure of taste buds. For the uninitiated, Frazer Town is the quintessential best host of a spread of Iftari food in Bangalore during Ramadan, for people irrespective of caste and creed. You may refer to blog   to understand what it means for us fellow Bangalorians.

Much have been discussed about the glory of Ramadan food. The sway of preparing a Dum Biryani is an art in itself. Attaining that perfect blend of meat and spices to produce  a stick of sheek to melt in your mouth demands an enviable mastery. Roads around Haji Sir Ismail Sait mosque systematically becomes a much coveted treasure trove of a food connoisseur for the 9th month of Islamic calendar.

Things to remember:

Items that won my heart:

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The “must have”s otherwise


For Eid is today and Ramadan 2017 whisked past us, for a spread alike we have to wait till 2018. One reassurance is the restaurants on the road are open everyday of the year. While you may not have the luxury of reaching out to each and every place on a regular day, mainly for space crunch in stomach, you will still find solace in one hospitable eatery of Frazer Town. For poultry lovers, there is no dearth of the bird meat anywhere. Go on, feast, for food is the only thing that brings all of us closer, in turbulent times like this.



Eid Mubarak



Paan is for everyday, but Malai Kulfi is for Eid only



Rupchanda Fry

Keema samosa, Patty stuffed with minced beef


Fry fish in batch



For this is the season of festival, for this is the season to doll up



Mutton Brain Tawa fry



Ballons, Colors, festivity


Mutton nalli fry, nalli incidentally is also the biggest saree brand in Bangalore


He wanted to pose for the click but customers wont let him take a breather



Lemon tea with a basil leaf



Prawn skewers with Chaat maala, my pick from the night



Best tea house around



Skewers, prawns, once more



Chicken roll



Royal Biryani House



Festiv feel



Baklava, meri jaan



Beef Paya, a delicacy I would say




End the night on a sweet tale, don’t forget to get a generous serving of Rabdi with them

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16 Responses

  1. Sold to your blogs , Masha Allah what writing , the pics were close and at perfection , simply the way you wanted it to , you just went to that next level in clicking!! I think if I want to think and write I would wanna set u as a benchmark for my writing. Crisp, good finish, precise great clicks as already mentioned very clear pics the neatness reflected what u envisioned ??

    1. Thank you so much!
      Eid Mubarak Sabah Lone!
      How I missed you while relishing the spread! About photos, all thanks to an iPhone and who knows it better than you? I wanted to capture few more dishes but was way too filled with good food.

  2. Your blog post just reminded me of all the festivities at Zakaria Street in Kolkata. We had a wonderful time there with kebabs and frys and haleems and kulfis. ?

    1. Thank you. Lemme know if there is a blog on the Kolkata scene. I would love to read it.
      Too bad I didn’t experience the Kolkata Eid street while I was staying there. But then, everyday was a Biryani day in our life!!!!

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