The otherwise nerdy town of Bangalore, thrilling newcomers with the advent of a posh pub every other weekend, celebrates Ramadam in unique style though. While I hail from Kolkata, feasting on iftari was strictly restricted to friends at office and neighbors. “Have you been to the Mosque road?”or “Let us plan Mosque road this weekend” entered my dictionary after I started living in Bangalore.

I intend to write about the visceral road of Kormangala housing Mc D, Truffels, Tibet Mall (all of them near and dear ones to a Christite) that connects 80 Ft road to Sony Signal. For a month it will host the Iftar party every year, before Eid beckons. For the ones who love food, it is a place of absolute ecstasy.

Best alternate: Mosque road, for obvious reasons. I will be visiting the place this weekend and stay tuned for my mosque road blog. I have been there, religiously for past couple of years, and it is bigger and better.

Update: Follow my Mosque road ordeals.

Kormangala became a treasure trove of Muslim food lovers from 2015, as city administration wanted to by-focus stress Mosque road was facing alone.

Take these precautions:

My thakuma says this often,”Prothome teeta, tarpore meetha”, meaning shout out the problems first, then do the sweet talk.

Ideally 500-700 INR for one person will leave you too full, you might as well end up packing some for home.

I carried a 2000 INR print and the lose cash that came back with me was INR 200. We were 3 in headcount and had packed our dinner for good.

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What I appreciate:

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What I recommend to carry:

My top 5 picks from the fest:

Paya Soup

Believe it or not, they have a real quirk way to cook a stew with a whole lamb leg. The fragrance, memory of it, makes me smile.

Price: INR 80/120

Patthar ka ghost

Marinated succulent pieces of meat slices, placed of red hot rock, cooked till perfection.

Price: INR 140 for 150 GM ( 2 Pieces approx.)


A thick lentil based wholesome meal, blended with meat minced and mixed to the core of the juice, garnished with a gentle serving of barista and assorted nuts.

Price: INR 100 for 200 gm from Paradise stall, with mutton


I am a loyal consumer of Kolkata Biryani, with Aloo. You might happen to be one with a choice for the Hyderabadi style? Paradise will treat your taste-buds.

Mutton Chops

The very idea of having these chops makes my mouth water. Enough said. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Price: INR 140 for 150 GM ( 2 Pieces approx.)

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A drink called Keshar Badam Milk, warm milk blended with Almond and Saffron.
Do drink the sweet lime soda to ensure smooth digestion
We call it Paav, it has a thin mutton patty in between, they will tell you to eat this as a substitute of lamb burger
Reminds me of my dad and the melas we used to visit, dearest memory of childhood 🙂
Paya Soup, sniff the pot to understand the fragrance I am talking about. And yes, that is a goat leg
Karachi biscuits, served from old school Bayam( big glass jar), a typical Hyderabad speciality
Haleem, mighty Haleem, from the house of paradise
Take your pick from seafood spread
Pathar ka Gosht from a high end shop that uses Marble rock
Patthar the ghosht, as rustic as it gets, Camel, Rock, and Smoke
Cage the bird this way
Beef Manchurian
Mughlai Parotha, rings a bell? A paratha stuffed with chicken mince.
Clockwise, Chicken afghani, Titr bird, Crab on tawa, Mutton Shammi Kebab

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[Probably the last time I am relishing red-meat like the way I am doing now. Blame goes to Uric acid et al. Must say, for all those in Bangalore don’t miss on the feast, it is a sin to do so. Reserve a evening for the coming weekend, remember it will only last till the Moon takes her Eid shape.]

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12 Responses

  1. I don’t think anyone could put this entire affair so well !!! So impressive writing , the clicks are to die for !!! You sure took me along with you through this blog …. forever I miss Kormangala and the iftaari affair in mosque road …looking forward for reading more through your next blog. Lots of love
    ‘Good writing is the painful process of peeling off pretense until you find honesty. Write that.’ Read this somewhere….
    I’m an eagerly anticipating Fan of yours
    sincerely Sabah

    1. You kind words are rain to my thirsty feedback page 🙂
      I remember the mosque road trip we did together, it remains as a memory of lifetime. And the clicks,I learnt all about it from you

      Much love!

  2. The food sounds amazing! Soup with a whole lamb leg is right up my alley. Are the meals so hearty because everyone is fasting during the day in Ramadam?

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