3 days in Hampi: Exploring the Ruins of Hampi and other Best Things to do!

The Hampi chariot: UNESCO heritage sites in India

About Hampi travel blog: Hampi is one of the most scenic ancient UNESCO Heritage Sites in India. Situated in Karnataka by the banks of Tungabhadra river, Hampi houses numerous ruins dating back to the Vijayanagar empire dating back to 1500 CE. Scholars spend 3 months at a stretch to explore the old ruins and still can […]

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Visit the Old Ruins of Hampi (Updated for 2024)

Sunset spots in Hampi

About this blog: This Hampi Travel Guide presents you with evocative pictures and travel tales from the ruins of ancient Hampi, Karnataka, a state from south of India. This article also aims to help you in planning to explore the ruins of Hampi during 3 days trip to Hampi. You may tweak the plan a […]