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There are plenty of amazing escapades we can embark on in the modern world, although not many of them come close to experiencing life in the Amazon rainforest. A dream for so many people, exploring the Amazon’s environment is the trip of a lifetime. 

From its ridiculous amount of biodiversity to the array of wildlife that call it their home, the Amazon rainforest is a truly wild destination to base a trip around. How much of it you want to see is entirely up to you, too. For example, some people stay in a nearby town and venture in and out of the rainforest over a few days, while others throw themselves deep into it, perhaps by camping or staying in a luxurious lodge. However you want to do it, let’s assess some of the key reasons why you should add the Amazon rainforest to your bucket list.

The forest is truly amazing

First and foremost, the main reason why people want to visit the Amazon is to be able to explore the rainforest and say they’ve set foot in one of the most famous wild locations on earth. A location that accounts for more than half of the world’s remaining forests and 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, it’s a truly huge expanse of land to take in. Of course, you won’t be able to see it all, but the sheer size of the rainforest will certainly be felt during your time there. A guide will definitely be needed as they lead you on the most wild journey of your life. 

The abundance of life 

Once you’re able to immerse yourself in the rainforest, after a few minutes you’ll be fully aware of the abundance of life that occupies it. With around 2.5 million species of insects, a massive range of plants, animals like monkeys, snakes, jaguars, sloths, and pink dolphins, plus thousands of birds, there is plenty of jungle life to get to know in this truly stunning location. For people with a passion for the outdoors and, in particular, animals, a trip to the Amazon is an unbeatable experience given the abundance of life that can be found there. 

The people are friendly  


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Life in the Amazon certainly isn’t anything like what you might be used to at home. In fact, it’s completely different from anywhere else on this glorious planet of ours. While you can gain a glimpse into jungle life through powerful documentaries like When Two Worlds Collide and experience the depths of the jungle through products like The Amazon Trail Game or the Amazon Wild online slot, a title developed by Ash Gaming that has a strong depiction of the Amazon rainforest and the wildlife that calls it their home, venturing there yourself and interacting with the people who live there is an amazing experience. Not only are they incredibly welcoming, but they’ll have a few stories to share and incredible traditions to show you, too. 

The peace and quiet 

Sometimes, in order for us to fully switch off, exploring a remote location is necessary. After all, a city break still entails reliance on technology and millions of people around you, whereas a trip to a destination like the Amazon serves up the total opposite. In fact, some of the areas of the Amazon have never been explored before, therefore providing a truly unique escapade for a holidaymaker to tick off their bucket list. Whether it’s by boat or through an intense hike, the remoteness of the Amazon and the peace and quiet it boasts will enable you to switch off in the best way possible. 

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