I have been dreaming of buying a drone for over a year now and was on the verge of buying one thrice this year at multiple international airports. I wanted to be a pro aerial shot taker. However, Indian (and many international destinations’) custom rules are yet blurred about drone photography and importing one. Hence, I decided to make do with window shots from the flights! the result is decent, if I may add!


Kilimanjaro and Sunrise


Mount Kilimanjaro and sunrise

It was a long haul flight from Kenya to Zambia and we were served a rather early morning breakfast. We were sleeping like sloths and when Mount Kilimanjaro made this stunning appearance, we did not want to believe it is the gorgeous mountain! 

It would have taken us some effort to bring out the camera and shot her, instead we used an iPhone. Well, end of the day it is just another phone and could not really do justice. But hey, I was half asleep too!

I was hysteric later in the day when I regained my senses! I had the opportunity to shoot Mount Kilimanjaro at the dawn and I let it go?

Lesson learnt: Do not prioritize your sleep when travelling (inner me smirks as I write this!).

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Bird’s eye view of River Zanskar and Indus river at Leh!


Indus and Zanskar River Confluence, Ladakh

Clearly, I did manage to keep sleep at bay during this flight!

I was a bit hesitant about that window glass mark and did not post this on Instagram but made a story. One of the followers suggested I do. I did and voila! This is the most “liked” picture from my instgram travel photo collection!

After all, real travel pictures do have a place for the virtual world and not just pretty women in the picture when it comes to travel photos by influencers!

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 The bleak Ladakhi landscape, India


Ladakh as seen from the flight window

There is a reason why this highland is called the roof of the world!


The Glacial Lakes of Himalya


Glaciers over the Himalayas

You do not have to run to any institute to find the impact of global warming. Just fly atop the Himalayas! These glaciers are the soul source of river system for the northern part of the country. Clearly, the snow melt is rapid and real!


The sleeping Dragon at Luang Prabang, Laos


Laos Mountains

Legend has it that the mountains (dragons in local faith) are the protectors of the temple town Luang Prabang in Northern Laos. The patches of arid land on the hillocks are basically farming land, I learnt. These are the jungles where water bullafoes roam in abundance.


The picture perfect town of Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang from window seat

these cute buildings with sloping roof, mountains at the horizon and cloudscapes have perfectly hidden the sleepy town of Luang Prabang, Laos for the longest time!

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A sunrise on the way back home, Kolkata


Sunrise as seen from flight window

The magnificent Kolkata Monsoon clouds under the sun!



The sunrise happened!


When clouds run along 



Somewhere atop Vietnam!

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The matchbox houses of Kolkata


Kolkata Drone Shot

The (in)famous Keshtopur canal flows through Baguihati/Dumdum area in Kolkata. I hear, these days, they sell vegetables from a floating market there. How fancy!


One for the national Carrier: Air India

Airindia Flight


Delhi, by Yamuna river


Yamuna Delhi

The grand welcome at Bangkok!


bangkok rains

Rains, Sunsets and lightnings: Bangkok brought me back with much elation!


Saigon river, Saigon, Vietnam


Saigon river

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Mekong River takes a bend in Laos


Mekong River

This river, traversing a humongous course of six nations will restate the idea why rivers are an incumbent part of a civilization!


Zambezi river, Zambia and many lakes of Africa!


Zambezi river

Mountains, the iconic African landscapes, azure blue lakes and river: Zambia has it all. We knew before we even landed!


The Wild Wild Africa!


the wild wild west

Guess where the lion has got his camouflage? 


The best of the lot though!

I am afraid I lost the real picture with a brutal hard disk crash. Nonetheless, I love this one from the core of my heart!

Howrah bridge of Kolkata!

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Kolkata. The second Hoogly Bridge. Up from the air! . ~ অবনী বাড়ি আছো? অবনী বাড়ি আছো দুয়ার এঁটে ঘুমিয়ে আছে পাড়া কেবল শুনি রাতের কড়ানাড়া ‘অবনী, বাড়ি আছো?’ বৃষ্টি পড়ে এখানে বারোমাস এখানে মেঘ গাভীর মতো চরে পরান্মুখ সবুজ নালিঘাস দুয়ার চেপে ধরে– ‘অবনী, বাড়ি আছো?’ আধেকলীন– হৃদয়ে দূরগামী ব্যথার মাঝে ঘুমিয় পড়ি আমি সহসা শুনি রাতের কড়ানাড়া ‘অবনী, বাড়ি আছো?’ . This iconic poem by Shakti Chatterjee may have many metaphors. But, for me, it evokes sheer nostalgia. . #kolkata #amarkolkata #ig_kolkata #kolkata_diaries #ganges #india

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