How Travels Shaped My 2019 : Overcoming Anxiety & A Year on the Road

In the year of 2019, I had quit my job and traveled over 40 destinations of international repute. That is roughly 7 countries and 6 states of India. Hold on there. This is not yet another “quit your job and travel the world post“. Sorry to be the Devil’s advocate, but I am here to … Read more

All that glitters in Purushwadi night-sky, are nothing but fireflies!

About this blog: Purushwadi is a tribal village in Maharashtra where beautiful fireflies lit up the night sky, especially during monsoon. I visited here to attend the famed Purushwadi Fireflies Festival. I also stayed at one of the Purushwadi homestays and camped on the mountains. Located at 3 hours drive from Mumbai, Purushwadi is one … Read more