Being loved to death: the Slow but Steady decay of Darjeeling!

Darjeeling Travel Guide: lepchajagat Sunrise

Dusty roads and rusty sky, golden rays shining on the peak of Mount Kanchenjunga and bucket list weary tourists sipping on the ubiquitous first flush from the first floor of Glenery’s, rowdy cabbies and Bhutia shawlwallas nudging each other for another prospect of a sale. During one such winter afternoon, Darjeeling appeared in front of […]

How Travels Shaped My 2019 : Overcoming Anxiety & A Year on the Road

In the year of 2019, I had quit my job and traveled over 40 destinations of international repute. That is roughly 7 countries and 6 states of India. Hold on there. This is not yet another “quit your job and travel the world post“. Sorry to be the Devil’s advocate, but I am here to […]

All that glitters in Purushwadi night-sky, are nothing but fireflies!

About this blog: Purushwadi is a tribal village in Maharashtra where beautiful fireflies lit up the night sky, especially during monsoon. I visited here to attend the famed Purushwadi Fireflies Festival. I also stayed at one of the Purushwadi homestays and camped on the mountains. Located at 3 hours drive from Mumbai, Purushwadi is one […]