“Cocoa-fringed shore of purest white, and the sea blue as a slab of lapis lazuli.”

Sir Richard Burton

It was love at first sight. Zanzibar is breathtakingly beautiful. I agree, it is sweaty humid. The sun scorches your skin before you know it! Everyone wants to take you to Prison island. Yet, Zanzibar is painfully beautiful!

If I am to compare Zanzibar’s beauty with another comprehensive thing that a human mind can perceive, it has to be that of Cleopatra’s! Haunting is a way. Legendary too. And mystic. So much that you take a while after the initial bedazzling! There is beauty everywhere in Zanzibar, you just need to pick and concentrate on one part of the island!

Zanzibar Photo blog: zanzibar Sunset at kedwa rocks
Fishermen head back home. Shot at Kendwa rock, Zanzibar!
Sunset shot at Stone Town, Zanzibar
A Dhowboat sails at a distance. Once an instrument of slave trade, now Dhow Cruise have attained a romantic reputation! “Sunset on Dhow Cruise” is a thing a lot of tourists do when in Zanzibar.

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Jaw's Corner, Stone Town
The iconic Jaw’s corner at Zanzibar that encapsulates all of Zanzibar’s past till date! This place is revered as the nerve center of cosmopolitan culture of Zanzibar.

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A power packed football Match by the beach at Stonetown, Zanzibar!

Sunset at Stone Town Zanzibar
sunset football pictures at Stone Town, Zanzibar
Zanbibar, stone town photo blog
Football in AFrica in photoblog

The last time I saw this perfect round and red sun was while we were in a safari in Masai Mara!

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Life by the beach at Stonetown, a UNESCO heritage site in Zanzibar!

Stonetown beach

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Doors of Zanzibar tells stories from a time gone by, where tradesmen from Arabian peninsula, Gujarati coast of India and Europeans would frequent the island on Indian ocean!

Doors of stone town, Zanzibar: UNESCO heritage site
Giant Tortoise at prison island, zanzibar
A 70 year old Aldabra giant tortoise from prison island, Zanzibar. They can live up to 400 years and found in Mauritius and Seychelles too.

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Nungwi, the north eastern tip of the archipelago where you can walk on the sea bed for upto 2 KM during low tide!

nungwi zanzibar: most beautiful beach of Zanzibar
Local fishing village at Zanzibar: nungwi zanzibar
Women at Nungwi crabbing from shallow water.
nungwi zanzibar
nungwi zanzibar: Offbeat places to visit in AFrica

Once a “bustling” slave market of the old world trade route, Zanzibar’s old lanes harbors poignant history of human exploits. Lest we Forget.

A Calming Sunrise at Uroa, the East Coast of Zanzibar.

Sunrise at Uroa Beach
Uroa beach and sunrise shots at Zanzibar
Sunrise at Zanzibar
Sunrise at Uroa beach resort zanzibar
A man cleans the sea beach as the day breaks.
Most beautiful beah in zanzibar
Africa House, Sunset points at Stone Town Zanzibar
Moi, happy for all the sunset shots I have got!!

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