From the Window Seat: travel memories of 2018

From Window Seat

I have been dreaming of buying a drone for over a year now and was on the verge of buying one thrice this year at multiple international airports. I wanted to be a pro aerial shot taker. However, Indian (and many international destinations’) custom rules are yet blurred about drone photography and importing one. Hence, […]

16 Christmas Destinations in India with Unique Customs and Culture!

There are census reports capping Indian Christians community at a minuscule percentage of 2.3 %. And then there is an ancient nation with billion people laughing at that report and brings out faithful from every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent, especially during Christmas! Indian Christmas is unique in homegrown traditions and customs, vividly […]

Rivers Around the World: 50 Fascinating Pictures

Zambezi river

Hoogly River and the famed Howrah Bridge, Kolkata I had to start the post with Ganga. Hoogly as the geography books would call her. The tributary of Ganges that nourishes West Bengal. Kashi Mitra burning ghat, Hoogly River, Kolkata A Hindu cremation ghat where rumors say Satidaha took place till late 60s.  Old Ghat by the […]

Why You Must not ask if it is Safe to Travel in Egypt!

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

Planning a trip to Egypt and worried about safety? Pin it! Tahrir Square Cairo and a few chills down the spine! We came to sit at one of the artificial fountains of Tahrir square after a long day. We have been to the distant parts of Cairo, the outskirts where the great pyramids of Giza […]

In picture: Colors of Naropa Festival: A Photoblog

Naropa Festival Photos

I love region specific festivals since they bring you closest to the people. Despite extreme geographic condition set amid a bleak mountain landscape, Ladakh’s population is a fun loving as well as colorful lot! Naropa festival is an initiative by Live to Love organization under the Drukpa lineage of Buddhism. Also referred to as the […]

Luang Prabang Timeless: 25 Beautiful Travel Photos

About this blog: 25 beautiful pictures from Luang Prabang and surrounding area that I loved. My attempt at photo journaling Luang Prabang travel memories! Click here for more Travel blogs on Laos! When the water rises, the fish eat the ants; when the water falls, the ants eat the fish. (A Laotian proverb) Also read, a […]

Bijoya Sammiloni: A Trip Down the memory lane with Food Spread and Familia!

Post Puja depression is a real thing in a Bengali’s lifespan. And whom to blame? In the dingy old alleys of Kolkata, the festivities bring is an unprecedented light. It ushers the old metropolis with a much-needed splurge of energy, a measure to sustain the ensuing mellow winter, cruel summer and deluge rendering monsoon! Pin […]