10 Must-Have Everyday Staples for the Millennial Woman

Women tend to be walking swiss army knives with their purses filled with essential items. There’s always the right item to help solve any problem – you just have to make sure you have it prepared beforehand. Below are some of the best and most essential items to help every modern womanin meet the majority […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is the UAE’s second largest city and the Middle East’s most popular city. So it goes without saying that this Arabian city is rife with exciting activities and captivating sights. No matter you visit here during any part of the year, you can look forward to enjoy its many iconic landmarks, amazing seasonal attractions […]

Masakali: The Real Travel Stories

Pangong Tso Lake

Masakali : Peace Dove that tirelessly flies While growing up in the earlier part of this century, we chanced upon a song on a dove. A Masakali, a dove that enchanted the generation with gleeful, fun mood and help adapt a carefree life. Soon, there were kurtis named after Masakli. Festivals galored and prizes showers […]

Travel stories by an Iraqi Female traveler: Iraq what you have seldom heard off!

Iraq travel

All that remained from Iraq This day marks the fifteenth year for an entire generation who grew up reading about Babylon’s hanging garden, but only got glimpses of burning oil mines from vast fields of Iraq in morning newspaper. Laden, 9/11, death, trauma, Bush, America, war, saddam, Women of Mass destruction were some the key […]

Beyond Imagination: Holiday Destinations in North East India

The North East seven sister states of India is the last hold of Himalaya where human foot has not set part contagiously. My travel to some of the states are planned in less than a month but I needed an expert telling me about the place. because “I can’t keep calm, I am visiting North […]

Masai Mara: Through a Traveler’s Eyes

Saikat would have remained another friend of mine, settled in Kolkata and making merry of whom I will be envious at times, had it not been the astounding photographs of Varanasi came on my Facebook feed. Of course I have known this management graduate from IIM Calcutta anything but overrated for being capable of delivering […]