Exploring the Amalfi Coast with a International Driving Permit


Recently, I spent my summer holidays at the Amalfi coast in the South of Italy. Mellow breeze from the azure sea caressed my hair as I stood in awe of the setting sun against the tall standing ancient hillocks. Terraced gardens laden with lemon trees grew in abundance at the coast, unlike any other coastline […]

How to Score a Schengen Visa with Indian Passport from the US

I want to share my experience of applying for Schengen visa on Indian passport from the US. I hope this information helps some of you This is specifically for Indian nationals living outside of India. I planned for a 12 days trip to Italy and French. 3 days in Paris and rest in Italy. My […]

25+ Movies Based on Greece that You should Watch before You Visit Greece!

Cinema as an influencing medium has had immense impact on mass psyche. It evidently plays a huge role in the whole making and unmaking process of a destination. In yesteryears, it had been travelogues. That remains true. But movie as a medium has evidently reached a greater population. Even before I had an iota of […]

Chasing Northern Lights in Iceland: 4 Delightful Spots for Every Photographer!

Iceland, the island nation located close to the Arctic cycle, is ethereal with astounding geological rock-forms. They are rare and precious finds on the face of earth. Add to that, the crowning glory beckons as Aurora Borealis illuminates the horizon. The days of endless summer, white nights, have evoked and inspired many epic writers to […]

9 Community Tourism Initiatives in Europe are opening a New Normal in Sustainable Practice

sustainable tourism in Europe

About this blog: A handful of community tourism experience which stems out of beautiful and immersive local culture of Europe’s oft-overlooked provinces. If you are looking for meaningful, sustainable travel experiences in Europe, they must make it to your list. With Europe gradually opening doors to tourists and the world seemingly having learnt the necessary […]

Historic Mosques in Europe that Amplify Diverse Cultural heritage

Thinking of historic mosques, our perception usually hovers around the large land mass of Middle East and South Asia. With the secular, liberal, post communist social fabric of Europe, mosques usually don’t blend in among mass media. However, the truth is, Europe has a number of historic mosques, some of them bearing local’s commitment to […]

15 Intriguing Old Historic Towns of Europe for the History Aficionado

Ancient towns in Europe for a cultural traveler

Celebrate Europe’s history and heritage through these old towns of Europe that preserves many tales from the olden days! ‘Pea Soup or Cocoa’, Longueval, France, World War I, Dec 1916. Taken in December, 1916, just after the brutal Somme Offensive (1 July – 18 Novemember) in the wooded area north of the Somme River. The […]

9 Traditional Dresses from Different Parts of Europe!

kokoshnik: traditional fashion from russia

Sense of human fashion is a factor of a specific era, prosperity and self-expression. It sure bears a semblance with the ongoing socio-political role, gender representation and heritage. Oftentimes, fashion narrates a story! In this age of corporate houses churning out fast fashion as a byproduct of outsourcing, heritage weaves and handicraft is eventually dying […]