Look, I am going to be candid here. It sucks to be at home, day in day out, under the lockdown. And be scared. And look at the phone screen all the time, whether Netflixing or searching for Corona memes or something else. Whatever.

Time to time, Trump or others make appearances, with their bat shit crazy theories, and enablers barking behind. Worldometer website seems to be as vile as the wet market of Wuhan, no empathy whatsoever but constantly updating numbers. Numbers are numbers, with a heart of steel.

At this time, we have no idea when and how this thing will be over. How the new normal would look like. But looking at the empty lanes of Kolkata, my heart aches and hopes against hope, that things will be back to being what it used to be once again. Life will unfold in its own myriad hues. Some things might change, and rest will be as is in good old Kolkata!

One fine day at Howrah bridge, in Kolkata

A sumptuous lunch at the Siddheswari Bhojonagar, Kolkata
Metcafe Hall

Now a bunch of photos from Kolkata, because I know how painful missing her may feel like!

More Chai
Dimer devil from Niranjan Agar from Girish park. one of the iconic Cabin restaurants in Kolkata.
China Town too!
And roadside Dim-Pauruti!
Oh steamed hilsa! Why do I feel like this blog post is turning into a things to eat in Kolkata post!
Chicken Roll from Haji, because this is precious!
Chelo Kebab, Peter Cat
Jan bazarer Rani Rasmoni r bari where one of Kolkata’s oldest Bonedi durga puja takes place.

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8 Responses

  1. Omg the chaya prokashoni becoming jhal murir thonga had me in splits .. Also the fact the thiker ji being our saviour .. can’t agree more to each and everything u wrote .. oh I absolutely condemn on looking at those food pics right now .. no way imma not going to do that .. it’s a virtual torture .

    What a lovely post Madhu ! Hok Kolorob

  2. Absolutely loved reading it Madhurima… I am so waiting for things to be normal so that I can pick up my camera , hold my wife’s hand and take my daughter in my arms and roam in the heart of kolkata. Hope everything normalises soon

  3. Osadharon, its nostalgic. You won’t believe how much I am missing home these days, I hope everything will be fine and cha kaku, parar Dokan and footpath e boi er Dokan will remain same so when I ll visit, I will feel them again.

  4. This post has made me miss Kolkata even more. If I were in Kolkata when the lockdown will be lifted for the good, I would step out cautiously and go to para’s Phuchka stall mainting some distance with the other eaters. And you idea of spending the first freedom weekend in Digha ti mondo noy. Your photos of Kolkata all glmed up for Durga Puja makes me sad now. But in a nostalgic way. Kasbo na asha korchi

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