About this blog: If you have been following me on social media, you know I love Thailand. I have been there times in past three years and I can’t wait to be back. I do not know if it is the sea or the seafood, but I know Thailand has surely cast her spell on me. There is abundance of life. I worship it! This photo blog on Thailand is a compilation of the most beautiful experiences I have had from the land of free! Hope you enjoy.

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samet nangshe viewpoint, Thailand

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint. One of the prized trekking experiences in Thailand. You can trek up here in the morning and catch a mesmerizing sunrise. It is situated close to Phang Nga Bay. If waking up early is a challenge, do consider a night’s stay at the Sametnangshe Boutique property.

Rainy season in Thailand: How is it like

They say every storm runs out of rain, however these clouds looked ominous! Shot this from a bumpy speedboat ride on the way back from Phi Phi to Krabi in August. The sky cried for three days straight. It was overwhelming!

Koh Yai Noi: Santhia Resort

Shot from Santhia Koh Yao Yai Resort. This is the breakfast area which opens to the beach. At a distance you can see a few limestone creeks. the ferry takes tourists to Phuket town.

Luxury beachside resort at Thai Island: Koh Yai Yoi

View from my suite at Santhia Resort at Koh Yao Yai. The tiny island has a few luxury beach side properties and a handful of locals living in traditional cottages. If you want a leisure holiday away from the crowds of Phuket and Phi Phi, Santhia Resort is your ideal spot.

Sunset in Thailand. Infinity pool at Santhia Resort Koh Yai Noi

Sunsets from the infinity pool at Santhia Resort looks beyond beautiful!

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Check out more more tranquil island stays in Thailand! Koh Samui (ideal for honeymooners), Koh Phangan and Phi Phi Islands are my favorite picks!

Activities with Locals: Responsible tourism practice in Thailand

A girl making ornaments with cane and straws. Everytime her father makes a sailing trip to fish, she makes one and utters a prayer. She believes this will keep him safe.

Batik printing by Muslim women at Koh Yai Yoi. Activities with Locals: Responsible tourism practice in Thailand

A woman paints on a piece of Batik clothe. These activities has been introduced to engage tourists with locals beyond the realm of luxury stays.

Coconut grove in Thailand: Koh Yai Yoi. beaches in Thailand which are not crowded.

The idyllic coconut grove and not a soul around. Far away from the maddening crowd of Phuket!

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Empty beaches in Thailand: Koh Yai Yoi

Fine white sandy beaches. Low tide hence water level is down. The untouched beauty of Thailand. Had it been a Krabi or a Phi Phi island, the place would have thousands of tourists loitering.

White Sandy beaches in Thailand where noone goes

The sand band at the edge of Koh Yai Yao Yai island. If you have a drone, this ensures great pictures!

Kayaking at Phuket James Bond Island

Kayaking through one of many limestone creeks in the Andaman sea, Thailand. This is recommended only when the sea is calm.

Visit to Lobster Farm. Koh Yai Yoi. Thailand.

A lobster farm on the Andaman sea. It takes anywhere between 8 months to 2 years to raise these lobster. They sell in gold in the tourist hotbeds in Phuket. However, only a fraction of the money reaches the fishermen folks.

Old Town Thakuapa. Offbeat things to do in Thailand.

A Chinese temple at Old Town Thakuapa. The old neighborhood carries a melancholic history of the era of Tin Mining industry. The buildings bear semblance to myriad architecture and carry a bit of both Orient and West in their souls.

China Town at Old Phuket Town

The Chinese lanterns lit up the streets at the end of the day. Some traditions do not change.

Karon view point, Phuket thailand

Phuket city as seen from the Ka Rang view point. A bustling tourist area, also hailed as UNESCO Creative city for gastronomy, Phuket carries the world in bits and pieces and mixes them well in it’s hot wok seasoned with dark soy!

Old Phuket Best Places to Eat: Tu Tab Khao

Tu Kab Khao: We briefly stopped here for lunch while exploring the Old Town Phuket. The slow cooked pork belly at Tu Kab Khao is a dish made in heaven! The area is also beaming with creative genius as seen on the restaurant wall!

Chinese homestay in Old Phuket

Shot at Woo gallery! Old Phuket Town. An Old Chinese House turned into a boutique hotel and gallery as well. You can enter for viewing pleasures, further sit for a cup of coffee and decide to rest for the day!

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Old Phuket Chinese houses

One of the many treasures of Woo Gallery House, Old Phuket Town.

Book you stay with Woo Gallery House, Old Phuket Town for an immersive local and luxurious experience.

Patong beach: walking street, Phuket

Patong beach, Phuket: The heat of party crowd in Thailand, now being overrun with tourists from every corner of the globe. Plenty of water sports takes place here as well.

bangla road walking street phuket

Shot at Bangla Road: the Walking street of Phuket.

Sea Life SHarks in Bangkok, Thailand

A White pointer shot at the Sea World, Bangkok, Thailand.

China Town, Thailand

Yaowarat road or China Town of Bangkok: The changing face of Bangkok’s old neighborhood.

Best Glass noodles with steamed prawn at China Town, bangkok: things to eat in Bangkok

The best glass noodle served on a hot plate at a street side joint at China Town!

Tuk tuk ride Thailand

No trip to Bangkok is complete without a Tuk Tuk ride! These battery driven vehicles rather ensure a smooth, quick and economic ride with plenty of fresh air kissing your cheeks!

Sunset in bangkok. Viewed from Mahanakhon Skywalk

Downtown Bangkok rises like a Phoenix at the Sun sets by Chao Phraya river!

The Grand Palace, Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

A corner of the Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Blue Mosaic walls at Bangkok Grand Palace

And you thought the blue tiles are soul property of Ancient Silk route and Central Asia?

How beautiful is Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace in Bangkok shines through Golden walls enamors.

The grand Palace: things to do in Bangkok

How much gold is too much gold?

Wat Pho the reclining Buddha temple in Bangkok

The profound Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. Built in the sixteenth century, Wat Pho is accredited with the art of Thai massage as well!

Sea World Marine Life Thailand

The Sea Life Bangkok which made an attempt to recreate underwater world at the heart of a bustling city!

Golden Poison Frog Thailand

A rare Golden frog seen at the Sea Life Thailand Ocean World. The skin of this frog can kill upto 1000 people. Tropical frogs, which are poisonous, are generally bright in color to ward off predators.

Snorkelling in Thailand

Wearing a rainbow much?

Little amazon tour, Thakuapa. Offbeat things to do in Thailand

At the little Amazon. One tiny mouth of a canal that opens to Andaman sea has now converted into a Thrilling boat ride, with an opportunity to spot wildlife like snakes, monitor lizards, herons etc.

SNorkelling at Phi Phi Island Thailand

The emerald green waters of Andaman Sea also makes for amazing snorkeling sights!

Entrance to Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Entry to the Iconic Maya Bay…. A couple of years back when Maya Bay was open to visitors.

Rain on Andaman Sea: Is Phi Phi accessible?

The boat man at Phi Phi predicts a grim weather!

Maya Bay, Thailand

Taking a dip in Maya Bay when it was allowed.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay, crowded with visitors. Shot on January, 2017

Railay beach, Krabi

Railay Beach, the second best place to Maya Bay in Thailand!

Railay Beach, Krabi

Kayaks and long tail boats await you as you go exploring the islands!

Mangrove Beach at Railay, Krabi

The Mangrove beach of Railay island, the Eastern side.

A visit to fisherman's village at Koh Yai Yoi. . Offbeat things to do in Thailand

Fishing Boats await on the beach for high tide. A regular sight at the Thai islands.

Kayaking at james Bond Island Phuket

Kayaking against a menacing looking Sky over the Andaman Sea.

James Bond Island, Thailand

Plenty of limestone karsts on Andaman Sea. It is said, once they were thriving living lands, frequented by men and wildlife alike. The like glacial melt down took its toll. To me, they looked a lot like halong bay of Vietnam.

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Sailing in Thailand

Sailing on Phang Nga Bay, a less frequented area of Southern Provinces of Thailand.

Sunset at Railay Beach Krabi

A long tail boat shot against the Sunset canvas. Somewhere close to Railay Beach.

Natai beach Resort

Sunset screen on the swimming pool of Natai beach resort.

Aerial shot of Phuket

An aerial shot of the Krabi province.

Sunset at Thailand

The Sky over the ANdaman sea. Viewed from Natai beach.

Sunset at Railay: most beautiful secret beach in Thailand

Sunset canvas at Railay Beach, Thailand.

Sunset Pictures from thailand

Sun downer setting at the Angsana Laguna, Phuket.

Swing at Railay

Thailand TAT Newsroom Bloggers

One of the six trips was awarded by TAT newsroom as a reward for a blogging competition. I cherish the friendship I made on this trip with fellow content creators! From left, Crookedflight, Amijan, two Chinese ladies who are the owners of the shophouse, a mom blogger from Australia. Front row, from the left, Yogawinetravel and Fernweh Sarah.

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