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A Photo Essay on Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Traversing through Northeast India’s Most Pristine Hills

Tawang. Arunachal Pradesh. My heart becomes a palpable ball of mellow emotion as I type this name. Housed amid the craggy peaks of high Himalayas, Tawang is a beautiful mountain hamlet which evokes sheer melancholy and strong sense of political resistance against the face of spiteful colonists. Housed at the west Kameng district of Arunachal […]

Experiencing Cyclone Kyarr & its Aftermath in Goa!

A photo blog with pictorial depictions of my 7 days in Goa, when the coastal state was awashed by cyclone Kyarr. I was in Goa by the end of October 2019. The time is generally touted as shoulder season in Goa. Resorts and shacks by the beaches get a new coat of bright paint, gearing […]

50+ Incredible Photos of Kolkata Durgapuja Pandals

About this blog: Kolkata Durgapuja is an enigmatic celebration of life and Bengali culture. Inclusive in nature, Durgapuja in Kolkata touches life at the most obscure points. From marginalized groups of child labor and sex workers from city’s oldest red light zone, to Rabindranath’s nuanced literature, Durgapuja transforms the city into a fairy tale land […]

To Kolkata with Love: A Photo Blog Depicting Kolkata Culture

About this Blog: I am a Kolkata girl. If you scratch my hands a little, you will see Kolkata in blood. I do not live in Kolkata anymore. It is painfully overwhelming to even try to write about home. So, I decided to let the pictures talk on my behalf. These pictures are clicked over […]

From the Window Seat: travel memories of 2018

I have been dreaming of buying a drone for over a year now and was on the verge of buying one thrice this year at multiple international airports. I wanted to be a pro aerial shot taker. However, Indian (and many international destinations’) custom rules are yet blurred about drone photography and importing one. Hence, […]

Rivers Around the World: 50 Fascinating Pictures

Hoogly River and the famed Howrah Bridge, Kolkata I had to start the post with Ganga. Hoogly as the geography books would call her. The tributary of Ganges that nourishes West Bengal. Kashi Mitra burning ghat, Hoogly River, Kolkata A Hindu cremation ghat where rumors say Satidaha took place till late 60s.  Old Ghat by the […]