The ultimate destination of Jama Masjid Food walk: Why and hows of Karim’s restaurant, Delhi

From the mighty pen of Mirza Ghalib, Hazāroñ ḳhvāhisheñ aisī ki har ḳhvāhish pe dam nikle bahut nikle mire armān lekin phir bhī kam nikle… [I have a thousand yearnings , each one afflicts me so Many were fulfilled for sure, not enough although.] Foodwalk near Jama Masjid: Karim’s Mughlai restaurant in Delhi, the old […]

People Called Shillong: A book that introduced me to Shillong

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I always knew I shall be traveling to Shillong, because this is the capital town of Meghalaya, literally the abode of cloud, where romance between Labonyo and Amit blossomed. The epic novel of Sesher Kobita by Rabindranath Tagore was set at the backdrop if the old hill city. However, to […]

Good Food of Bangalore: Mamagoto, Indiranagar

Among many things to eat, this week I craved majorly for some good Thai Curry. In Red, Green or Orange hue, I do not mind really. Guess the long absence from the Siam country is not going too well with my taste buds. Nonetheless, I live in Bangalore, and have found a spot in Indiranagar! […]