Celebrating The Art of Creation with Arty Smarty

I received a package by Arty Smarty (artysmarty.in) while traveling in Darjeeling. The package came home in Kolkata and my father received it at the advent of 2021. He is usually pretty excited to unbox these gifts and explore what is inside. For me, now three years into the journey of blogging, it is a […]

Parasite living

I went to watch Parasite on the penultimate day of Oscar night. Indeed, the movie is a geniotic work. As a privileged Asian, it pinched me hard through an evocative process of smiling, giggling, horrified and grimacing.  I tried to remember a few dialogues so that I can use them as quotes for social media […]

An Idyllic Retreat: Review of Ravenala Attitude Resort Mauritius

Ravenala ALtitude hotel: Instagram Spots in Mauritius

About this Blog: The Ravenala Attitude is one of the four star luxury properties located on the west coast of Mauritius. It is a family friendly resort, huge in size, with close to 300 rooms and provides good value for money and quality service. Located at the Baie aux tortues, Ravenala provides plenty of water […]

The Changing Face of Hospitality in India in the age of Social Media: Choosing a Career in the Travel Industry as a Bachelor’s Student!

I graduated as a Hospitality management student in the year of 2011. My dreams were perfectly aligned with the booming service industry.   However, things have changed over the last decade, especially with the era of internet.  Visual storytelling through smartphones is overwhelmingly sweeping the current generation of its feet. It feeds generations of stakeholders of […]

Bathed in Green at Spring Lodge Inle: A Favourite Boutique Hotel from Myanmar!

Spring Lodge Inle

The calm and quaint neighbourhood of Nyaungshwe township is getting startled with daily noise of construction work as Myanmar opened her border for the rest of the world. Tourists flock to Inle Lake, the largest water body in the region dotted with floating villages. Pristine village life unfolds here at the lap of nature as […]

Sofitel Luang Prabang, A Luxury Stay in Timeless Vintage Style in Laos!

Sofitel Luang Prabang: A Luxury Stay at the heart of Timeless Luang Prabang! Set in an old-school French Bungalow, Sofitel Luang Prabang celebrates Laos local life in every minuscule aspect. Life is good at Sofitel Luang Prabang! Also read: A day out at Kuang Si Waterfall, the most beautiful spot at South East Asia!  The […]

Azure Mara Haven: An Honest Review: Where to stay at Masaimara…

Azure Mara Haven, a Case of Love at First Sight? “Azure Mara Haven? What is that?” We were surprised at the proposal from our trip organizer. Our stay at Masai Mara was promised (and booked) at the Sekenani Camp. The British camp operating for 20 years is a reputed property in Mara. The pictures and […]