Ultimate Guide to visit Kenya: Masaimara, Travel Tips & Itinerary

Masaimara Sunset

Why Visit Kenya It is a dream for many to visit the Great African Safari. Kenya is one of the best places to start that journey.  An East African country, Kenya is famous for its existing tourism and hospitality infrastructure. Hospitality partners in Kenya have been welcoming guests since the era of the British colonial … Read more

Danakil Depression Ethiopia- Why Tourists love this harsh landscape in Africa?

danakil salt flat: Photoshoot at Dallol

A complete guide to plan a backpacking trip to Danakil Depression, Ethiopia. Hiking atop a Lava lake in the pitch dark of a moonlit night, camping under a sky that showed off a star studded galaxy at the middle of the night, walking along the banks of an ancient Sulphur lake that felt and smelt … Read more

Egypt Travel Tips: Practical Advice for Your First Trip

Travel Tips for Egypt

Traveling to Egypt for a first time visitor needs a bit of a safety precaution. There is more to see beyond the Pyramids of Giza & Nile river Cruise in Egypt. Visit Luxor to witness the best of Egyptian history!

25 Astounding Pictures from the Ethiopian Wilderness!

Lalibela churches of Ethiopia: Church of St. George

I hesitated long before I could take on the project of creating content on Ethiopia. The ancient nation from the horn of Africa, landlocked and defying the European colonists since eternity, remained shrouded in an obscure mist. Ethiopia is beautiful and then beautiful is an understatement. Her arid highlands of the north embraces lush green … Read more


phoenix cairo

Cairo is Egypt’s crown jewel and just not another old capital city! Hot and humid, by the banks of river Nile, Cairo casts an intense spell of intricate nuances derived of religious philosophy and ancient trade routes. This blog post about of cultural experiences in Cairo is written by Nadine Arab from Curls en Route. … Read more

In Pictures: Island Paradise Mauritius

About this blog: Photos captured during my stay in Mauritius fills my heart with joy and glee. What an incredible place that island paradise is! Suck intriguing and mellow history of Mauritius’s citizens beyond the uber-luxury resorts. In my week long stay in Mauritius, I could only gather a few glimpses of the island nation. … Read more

Land Beyond Palm Fringed White Coast: Travel Guide to Mauritius

sega dance of mauritius

About this blog post: Are you seeking an escape route from the mundane, to a beautiful island paradise hidden behind the the flanking palms and ripples of warm tropical waves? There there, lo the volcanic island of Mauritius. In this Mauritius travel blog, I try to answer all your queries on Mauritius travels, and break … Read more

Exploring the Ancient Zanzibari Doors at Stonetown!

About this blog: Doors of Zanzibar are historical artifacts documenting turbulent past of the island nation, tiny yet a key player in the old world trade route. Colonists came from as far as Arab nations, settled here, traded in human flesh. Europeans followed suit soon. Some sailors of Gujarat from India’s west coast stepped in … Read more

Zanzibar: an Island that Resembles a Poem! A Photo-blog.

“Cocoa-fringed shore of purest white, and the sea blue as a slab of lapis lazuli.” Sir Richard Burton It was love at first sight. Zanzibar is breathtakingly beautiful. I agree, it is sweaty humid. The sun scorches your skin before you know it! Everyone wants to take you to Prison island. Yet, Zanzibar is painfully … Read more