Kargil, The Beautiful Apricot Valley Shrouded in Obscure Mist: a Photo Essay

Kargil Travel Blog: Suru Valley

A photo blog depicting the best of Kargil, Ladakh’s oft-ignored second district next to Leh, now steadily paving a way as an emerging destination. In twenty odd pictures, I try to present you the very best of Kargil, her craggy mountains, nature’s bounty, thick blanket of snow as a way of life for the larger … Read more

Being loved to death: the Slow but Steady decay of Darjeeling!

Darjeeling Travel Guide: lepchajagat Sunrise

Dusty roads and rusty sky, golden rays shining on the peak of Mount Kanchenjunga and bucket list weary tourists sipping on the ubiquitous first flush from the first floor of Glenery’s, rowdy cabbies and Bhutia shawlwallas nudging each other for another prospect of a sale. During one such winter afternoon, Darjeeling appeared in front of … Read more

The benefits of working from home

Much has been heard in recent years about working from home. With many pros and cons, working from home is a moot point, not in a typical eight-hour office. And the undersigned author says this, having done both. Today, we will look at the benefits of working from home. Of course, it should be emphasized … Read more

Best Indian Cultural Travel Bloggers with a penchant for Honest Writing!

Close up of the wheel at Hampi Chariot: Iconic monuments in India

About this blog: A curated list of some of my favorite travel content creator whom I consider to be among India’s best travel bloggers, especially in the travel niche. Help me discover more, tell me who is your favorite! Three years back, when I hesitantly stepped into the field of travel blogging, I recall Googling … Read more

Varanasi Travel Guide: Olden Ghats, Delectable Food & Other Things to do!

varanasi travel blog

In many ways, traveling to Varanasi felt like going back to your grandparents. The world is aspiring to reach the Mars, but Dadu Dida are happy to write me a letter (handwritten, that was a thing!) from their old habitat, happier than words can fathom, continuing with daily mundane while the surprisingly healthy golden house … Read more