About this blog: The Nepalese masks intrigued me. There is something about them. The expressions are loud, the colors are bright, the beads are assembled in weird fashion. The message, if at all any, they want to convey is about scare and terror! The first time I spotted a Tibetan mask was at a flea market in Goa.

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I saw them on display at museums, on the temple details, curved on the window panes. Mostly, I spotted them being sold on the streets of Thamel market, Kathmandu. Here is a photo-blog on the Nepalese masks, who resembled closely with the Tibetan masks I found in Ladakh or Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Masks from Nepal

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masks on sell at Thamel Kathmandu

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nepal Demon Mask

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Nepal wooden Mask

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what to buy as Souvenier from nepal

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White mask from nepal. Art of nepal

Ganesh mask in Nepal. Tibetan masks in Nepal.

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Himalayan tribal mask of nepal

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Himalayan Tribal Maskk of nepal and Demon Masks

50+ pictures from Nepal, a Photo-blog!

nepal demon mask. Where to visit Nepal. What to buy in Nepal. Thamel market. Where to visit in Kathmandu. A photo blog from nepal. 
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Mask dance of Himalaya

Bhairab mask for Bhairab Dance in Nepal

Mask of Tara: Tantrik Mask in Nepal

demon mask. tibetan mask

bird and animal mark of Nepal made of wood

nepalese mask. Ganesh mask.

Bhaktapur peocock window of Nepal. Famous Newar Art.

Pottery of haktapur

The eyes that saves nepal

Masks of nepal

Shiva Mask of nepal

Various masks of nepal


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  1. Lovely collection of pictures. Each of these characters must have a story behind them . I can guess a few – aybe the next time will find out more – now that you have given me a context.

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