About this blog: 50 pictures from Nepal, her culture, vibrant spiritual spots, verdant nature and residents. This is an ode to Nepal beyond the granddad of every adventure seeker, the Mount Everest trekking trail through a photoblog!

Here is a complete series of travel blogs from Nepal!

From the Heart of Chitwan…

Pink hibiscus in bloom at the Tharu Village. Tharu community lives at the fringe villages of Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Nature bless them abundantly. The kitchen gardens at Tharu courtyards are enviable and assures organic goodness!

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Nepal Photo Blog: Chitwan National Park a UNESCO Heritage Site in Nepal where one horned rhino and Royal bengal Tigers live!

Early morning boat ride on Rapti river. The boat is made of dugout wood! Rapti and Narayani are the two rivers, naturally bordering the core area of Chitwan forest.

Rapti river

Hyacinth bloom on Rapti River. Though a part of Terai, Hyacinth bloom is very distinct to Chitwan, not found in Manas National Park (another UNESCO site from Assam, India) or Kaziranga National Park (the pioneer national park for Rhino conservation).

One horned rhino of Chitwan National park from Jungle walking safari

Mother-daughter duo taking a dip in marshland at Chitwan National Park. The endangered species of one-horned Rhinoceros is counted close to 3000 only, thanks to rampant poaching! We spotted this pair as we were walking in the core of Chitwan Jungle!

Birding at Chitwan National Park

She came to greet and pose as we were venturing into the jungle!

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Rapti river sunset
The edge of Rapti river, also known as the beach in local lingo! There is a Ghariyal lurking in the water somewhere!

The story of a Hanuman Langur romance!

Hanuman Langur in Chitwan National Park

What happened?

Indian APes

I don’t think they approve of our relation!

Okay, I posed! Happy now? Show yourself out!

Sunset at Chitwan  National Park, nepal

Witnessed the sky glow in fire as we were walking in the buffer zone between core area and community forest at Chitwan!

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Road tripping Nepal…

Road tripping Nepal: a photoblog

The small dot on the river bed is actually a child rafting on a truck tire! Yes, you read that right!

Sunset scene at pokhara

Yet another sunset in northern part of Nepal, the high Himalaya plays the stage.

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suspension bridge at high himalaya, Nepal

A suspension bridge. These bridges play the role of a lifeline of the distant nameless mountain villages!

Romancing the Himalaya at Pokhara!

beautiful Sunset at Phewa lake Pokhara

A spectacular sunset viewed from the Phewa lake, Pokhara!

A Hindu family performing rituals at Phewa lake!

Colorful boats on Phewa lake Pokhara

The iconic boats on Phewa. Note their flower shaped placement. These boats are the way locals commute to the residential part of the area, where tourists don’t really venture.

Phewa lake Pokhara

The freshwater Phewa lake is the source of life for Pokhara city and the surrounding area.

Phewa lake Pokhara
Sunset scene at Phewa lake, on a good day you can view the high ranges of Himalaya from here!

Pokhara view point

Hiking the peace pagoda of Pokhara, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Pokhara city and Himalayn ranges!

Peace pagoda hike in Pokhara

A dramatic sunset over the Peace Pagoda in Pokhara!

Sunrise at Sarangkot: Sunrise point near Pokhara

Sunrise view on a rather cloudy day from the top of Sarangkot, Pokhara!

Microlight flight over mount everest

A microlight flight that flies over Phewa lake and shows you the profound Mount Everest and other prominent peaks of higher Himalaya!

Tansen Village, the spirit of a community…

Newari community of tansen Village who also runs homestays in Nepal

A woman of Newari community sings a traditional music to welcome guest!

Tansen Village Palpa nepal where many community homestays are found and newari culture is celebrated

Walking in the narrow lanes of Tansen village while pine trees looms large over the valley!

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Nepalese thali with Mutton

The great Nepalese Thali which often reminded me of home! I find an eerie semblance with that of Assamese thali of India!

Thukpa with chicken

Thukpa: Nepal’s answer to Pho in Vietnam? This delightful broth is the embodiment of all the flavor and nutrition from the highest mountains of the world!

Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha…

The peace pagoda at Lumbini

The world peace pagoda in Lumbini. There are close to 90 peace pagodas around the world. I have seen them in Darjeeling and Ladakh beforehand.

Lumbini peace pagoda

The building cost is estimated at $1 million. Japanese governemnt took the initiative to build these Stupas around the globe to commemorate the death of thousands during the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Bhaktapur… the UNESCO heritage town from ancient Nepal…

SOuvenier from nepal, the masks at Thamel market in kathmandu

A shop selling antique masks. these masks are probably the best souvenir to get back home from Nepal. However, they can negatively impact your luggage allowance!

Bhaktapur a day trip from Kathmandu Nepal

A Nepalese Hindu man starts his day by performing rituals.

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Nepalese girl portrait shot

Bhaktapur old lanes

The UNESCO heritage site Bhaktapur is ancient in age and has preserved the timelessness with elan!

Woodwork in Nepal

A traditional wood curved window of a Nepalese house. An old lady looks out.

Bhaktapur a UNESCO site Devi Temple

The very famous golden gate from Bhaktapur Durbar square. Few of the temples here allow entry for Hindus only.

Nepal, temples where only Hindus are allowed

Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu…

Boudha stupa and the giant prayer wheels

The giant prayer wheel of the UNESCO heritage site Boudha Stupa, which has been rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 2015!

Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal street photography

An exquisite door of a shop on the lane that encircles the Boudha Stupa!

Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu photography

The Stupa rises like that of Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar!

Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu photography

Sunsets always astound me!

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Vibrant Thamel Market, Kathmandu…

Hand woven fabric for sale in Kathmandu, Nepal

Handwoven fabrics procured from distant villages of Nepal. Some of them take a month to weave a piece of cloth.

Thamel Market photography

SOuvenier shopping at Kathmandu nepal

Rickshaws of Thamel Market Kathmandu nepal

Thamel is the picture perfect touristy town of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal! The vibe is different than the traditional Nepalese residential places. Thamel is Kathmandu’s window to the world, in a sense! This is where most of the post- mountain massage therapy centers are.

Thamel wall art graffiti

Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu

Nepalese sadhu

A sadhu reads his books unaware of the world!

Pashupatinath Temple SHiva

And you thought Pashupatinath only resides inside of the temple?

Kathmandu Durbar Square…

Kalbhairav at Durbar square, Kathmandu Nepal

Kaalbhairb: You must visit the Kathmandu Durbar Square to see him! You will lose words for a while!

Beautiful traditional door in Nepal

An elaborate door to the Debi temple of Kathmandu Darbar square which opens only during Dasain, Nepal’s major festival!

Love finds a way…

Shiv durga temple in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lovers in Nepal

The SHiva temple at Durbar square kathmandu Nepal

The durbar square of Kathmandu shall astound you with intricate woodwork that dates back to thousand years! Reason why all three are UNESCO sites!

Durbar square nepal the door work with wood. This is a UNESCO heritage site
A traditional door at a Nepalese temple at Bhaktapur
Woodwork at nepalese temple at Durbar Square

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Streets of Kathmandu…

Bhaktapur street photography in Nepal

A woman separates the stale dried red chilies from the good ones. A quality check before ingredients are sold.

Street Photography at Thamel, Kathmandu, nepal

If you ask, this is my most favorite picture from the entire series of Nepal. I do not know what makes it so close to my heart? Is it the picture of Shiva? Or the sleeping dos at one side. Or the woman sitting on the ground? I do not know. But this frame easily stole my heart!

Nepali Man portrait Shot Buddhist Prayer wheel

“Click me on your DSLR!” He demanded. He posed for a while till he got the perfect shot and then vanished in the crowd pull of busy streets of Kathmandu!

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Photography in Nepal beyond mount Everest is a delight. There is spiritual cultural and natural nuances in Nepal, in abundance which requires detailed document ion. In this photo blog, I present you 50+ photos from Nepal which does not have Himalaya! #nepal #nepaltravel #nepalphotography #travelphotography #Kathmandu 3pokhara #chitwannationalpark  #unesco #nepalpeople

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  1. Very well done with your efforts. The pictures are so beautiful and colorful it almost feeds the soul of traveler like me . Perfect collection and inspiration. Waiting for the next one .

  2. Beautiful pics all . My favorite was the little golden colored Buddha sitting on a white throne in a lake filled with water hyacinth, the greenery all around and the striking little throne n statue stand out beautifully .

  3. Beautiful pics all . Very hard to pick one .
    My favorite was the little golden colored Buddha sitting on a white throne in a lake filled with water hyacinth, the greenery all around and the striking little throne n statue stand out beautifully .

  4. I was instantly captivated by this blog showcasing the breathtaking pictures of Nepal beyond Everest. While Everest is undoubtedly a symbol of Nepal’s grandeur, it’s refreshing to witness the lesser-known gems that make this country a true paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

    The blog beautifully takes us on a visual journey, showcasing the diverse landscapes and hidden treasures that lie beyond the famous Everest region. From lush green valleys and cascading waterfalls to serene lakes and charming rural villages, the pictures paint a vivid picture of Nepal’s natural splendor.

    The variety of destinations captured in the blog’s pictures is truly inspiring. From the mystical temples and bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil beauty of Pokhara’s Phewa Lake, each frame tells a unique story. It’s a reminder that Nepal’s beauty extends far beyond the iconic Everest, inviting us to explore and discover the lesser-explored corners of this enchanting country.
    Thank you very much for sharing these lovely pictures of Nepal.

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