“Do not make this class a fish market!” our teachers would chide invariably at the onset of a new session post summer holidays!

I vaguely remember visiting a fish market, the chaos, the mayhem, the excited middle aged Bengali fathers, in search of the freshest carp!

It was not until I started living in Delhi I started going out to the mandis and Fish Stalls, “Bengali Fish Stalls” as they would be named. I started picking up nuances of “Bajar Kora”, simple pleasures of choosing and collecting the fresh produce of the day, bring it home, cook, often grow a plant from a leftover seed!

A wet market is a photographer’s delight, a food aficionado’s pleasure path, an exciting base for people watch!

This fish market is located in Bakultala, the closest one to my home in Kolkata!

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Fish Market in Kolkata, Bengali Cooking class in Kolkata: best hilsa fish in Kolkata!

Subal , who approved and loved this picture, and got a printed copy for himself as well, shows me the best Hilsa of the day!

Fish Market in Kolkata

Subal “da” also shows some tiger prawns, Bagda Chingri. Stripes like a tiger prominently shows on their shells. He claims them to be the best produce of the day! “Niye jan, ami bolchi, kharap hobe na!”

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fish market Kolkata

“What else I can give you today?”

famous fish market in kolkata selling Hilsa fish

Look at the “Boteen”, the sharp edges of the traditional fish cutter. We don’t do knife in this part of the world. “Aanshboteen” is also believed to be a weapon of Shakchunni, a female ghost frequenting the rural folklores.

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famous fish market in kolkata

A big Hnari is used to store “Jeol mach”, fishes that live and tastes better when eaten fresh. Koi, Singi, Magur find a place in that Handi.

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local experiences in Kolkata: a fish market
Big chunks of ice are used to preserve Hilsa or other fish.

new market or local market: which one is better in Kolkata

A Bengali meal starts with crisp fried Ucche and culminates into a macher jhol!

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famous fish market in kolkata

A busy scene at the fish market.

famous fish market in kolkata: a woman selling fish in Bakultala, Behala

Aanshboteen makes appearance one more time!

famous fish market in kolkata

Puti mach, a very small variety of fish, frequently found in the ponds of Bengal!

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Kumro ful in Kolkata: where to get Kumro ful in Kolkata: Bakultala, Behala

Say it with flowers!

A lady sells Kumro phul, a bouquet of pumpkin flowers which are batter fried and eaten with a rice and dal meal.

Kumro ful in Kolkata

kumro fuler bora

Mango, snake gourd and pumpkin flowers.

famous fish market in kolkata: woman selling flowers in Kolkata Bakultala market, behala

Flowers will find a way to the Thakur Ghor.

famous fish market in kolkata
famous fish market in kolkata

Pride of a farmer! All produce comes from his field!

Gandhiji smiles!

handheld tal patar pakha in Kolkata: old things in Bengal

A handheld fan made of palm leaves rests.

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famous fish market in kolkata

A walkway

famous fish market in kolkata


Famous markets in Kolkata

Raw mangoes are considered as vegetables.

Kolkata street photography blog

A blackboard at the background announces an upcoming festival, handwritten with chalks!

famous fish market in kolkata

Kolkata photoblog

famous fish and vegentable market in kolkata

woman selling duck eggs and pumpkin flowers in Kolkata

The lady brought a few duck eggs, which is close to impossible to produce in poultry and hence deemed rare and a gourmet product.

The banana is grown at home too!

famous fish market in kolkata: cats in Kolkaat fish market

The cat waits.

famous fish market in kolkata: bakultala bajar

“Hat Bhanga!”, end of a market day!

behala bakultala bazar

Born to feed…

A traditional grocery store, known as Mudir dokan.

Tips for visiting a wet market in Kolkata!

Most of the Kancha bajar or wet markets in Kolkata are held from early morning. Sunrise is the time when fish comes from the suburbs.

Most of the fresh produce are sold within 8 am. The rush is at highest point. If you visit with a camera, you are likely to capture the best of human emotion at that time.

If it rains, the walk can be a real pain.

Every Bajar will have its own pets, dogs, cats, rats (pests not pets). Be careful on what you step.

Keep changes ready.

duck eggs in kolkata

Day’s yield!

a bengali shops for food: kancha bazar in Kolkata: Kolkata photo blog

Preparing a feast!

mishti doi: what to eat in Kolkata

Mishti Doi. There will invariably be a sweet shop near wet markets!

hilsa fish: food photography

A plate full of delight!

famous fish market in kolkata: a photo blog

What we brought from the morning market: clockwise from right: Mocha, banana flower; Kochur loti, roots of colocasia, Hilsa fish, Laal Doi- the iconic sweetened red yoghurt of Kolkata, coconut.

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