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Easy and Quick Bitter Gourd and Potato Mash, Ucche Alu Makha: An Ultimate Bengali comfort food!

For me, it is nothing less than a nightmare to eat Ucche, bitter gourd. You also know this vegetable as Karela in Hindi. As my luck would have it, I happened to grow 6 healthy Bitter Gourd Creepers in my Balcony Garden during the infamous lock-down of twenty first century! Now, I am stuck in […]

Jire Diye Kochi Pathar Jhol: Bengali Style Mutton Curry cooked with a Twist of Cumin

About this blog: The iconic Bengali Mutton curry with potato gets a twist with cumin powder and is slow cooked on flame to perfection! This recipe is well catered to people who suffer from an upset stomach after a Rogroge Kosha Mangsher Jhol (heavily spiced mutton curry) but still want to enjoy the taste of […]

Rustic Bengali Style country chicken Curry & Memories of Sundorban Boat ride!

Deshi Murgir Kosha Mangsho with Spice soaring high! About this blog: This Bengali style Kosha Mangsho with chicken is a delightful ethnic Indian recipe, cooked with the gorgeous fiery spices of the subcontinent. I prepared a homemade put full of chicken curry using country chicken  in the iconic Kosha gravy of Kolkata’s Golbari and it […]

How I fell in love with Tetor Daal? Story of my Kitchen Garden & a Supposedly vegan-friendly bengali recipe!

Read all my food experiments here: Cookbook As a child I was expected to eat Ucche Bhaja at the start of every meal. If you speak Hindi, you know this vegetable as Karela. Also, Ucche has got an apt English name, the Bitter gourd. Going back to my childhood, I had to see a side […]

Bhetki Macher Kaliya: ROGROGE Bengali Style Barramundi Fish Curry!

Recipe of Bhetki Kaliya with potato wedges and cauliflower. Just like the way they cook it at Bhojohari Manna, the Bengali restaurant! Bhetki is also known as Barramundi and Asain Seabass. This recipe is easy to replicate with any white fleshed fish and basic Indian spices! Calcutta Bhetki is an enigma in the form of […]

Bengali Prawn Malai Curry Recipe and Other Stories

About this blog: Prawn Malai Curry is basically a shellfish dish cooked with all the goodness of coconut cream and jumbo prawns and fit to be a royal serving. I have written the recipe of Prawn Malai Curry, which type of prawn you need to buy to make this dish and stories from yester-years when […]

Posto Sorshe Lau Shak Bhape (Bottle Gourd Leaves Steamed with Poppy Seeds): Vegan Bengali Recipe

About this post: Lau Shak Bhape (steamed Bottle Gourd) is one unique and old recipe from Bengal. Tender stems and leaves of Bottle gourd (Lau Shak) is used to prepare this dish. If you are a fan of eating morning glory in Thailand (or South East Asia), thou shalt dig into the plate for this […]

Mitra Cafe Styled Bhetki Fish Fry Recipe from Kolkata and other Stories

About this blog: A tried and tested easy recipe of Calcutta Style Fish Fry and a few stories of eating fish fries around the globe. You can not go to Kolkata and not eat Fish Fry. The breadcrumb coated deep fried Calcutta Bhetki fish fillet is a thing of pride and nostalgia for the city […]

Lau Patay Mora Macher Dimer Paturi: Fish roe steamed in Gourd Leaves

In case your fish has come home with a stomach full off roes, which is normal in the monsoon season, you are up for an exquisite treat! Gather some coconut, mustard and an edible leaf. Banana leaf will do too! And steam it. You Patui is ready to be devoured! Read all my recipe here: […]

Top 25 Indian Recipes which will Remind you of India Travel!

Cooking Indian food is a delightful experience. Here are a handful of easy to cook at home Indian recipes. They will take you from North to South and east to west with a wide array of flavours and spices. “Ghraneno Ardhobhojonang”, as the Sanskrit Shloka goes, “Here, half of the meal is bestowed on you […]